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Play. david

No description


on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Play. david

Get around
A long time ago there were few bicycles
because they cost to much. But there where wood
scooters not of metal. They did parts of roller skate
but of wood.

Now there are bicycles that cost less
money. Roller skates are of metal not of wood. There are
scooters of metal and there are store bought. there are other kinds of things to travel to place by place , like the skateboards and the rollerblade
By David
Ms. Margot class
Playing Sports
100 years ago they played broom stick with a small ball and they also played with friends in there own homes.
but they did not play in different times a year. They boys and girl couldn't play every game they want.

Now in this year they play the same games . The boys and the girls
play every game they want. They also play in a community. They play different times a year.
4th grade
Cold Weather Fun

Long ago there was cold weather fun. but
there was not stadiums. If you wanted to ice skate ,you needed to go to ponds that were in ice. You needed to buy ice skates that cost to much. And if you wanted to go slide you needed to by a slide that cost to much.
Now there are stadiums. That you can go ice skate.
And if you don't have skates, you can go lend a stadium
skate. And now skates don't cost to much money.
The End
Hot weather fun

100 years ago in the summer and if
you wanted to go to the water. You needed to go to holes that had water or to beaches. but there was one thing. There were no life guards!
The life guards can see if the people they are going to far. They also see if little kids are lost.
They also can see if somebody is some one is sinking in the sea.
Long ago to play and have fun, families spent time in the park. They talked with friends and just relax. They also did a picnic with all the families.

Now there are slides, swings , jungle gyms , soft ball diamonds and basket ball to go have more fun.
Enjoying The Park
Long ago to do arts or crafts. They
used household items. Girls made there own dolls by old cloth or wood.
Boys made model boats or trains out of wood. hard wood.
know you know how did it feel how was the past and now.
Arts and Crafts
Now kids can buy kits to make dolls , models, and more. Stores sell markers to paint. They also sell
paint to draw cool things. they also sell glitter pens. some paint you need to use water.
long ago to read you needed to own a book. But if you wanted a book it cost to much. But the worst thing is that there were are no library! And what was so boring is that you could not read the same stories over and over again.

Now there are no worst thing, no reading allover again and not cost to much. Now there is a CD that you can listen stories. The books cost less.And yo can have it in what ever place. Now
evry thing has changed.
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