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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

No description

Caitlin and Nolan Harrier

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

My Friends!
I have made a lot of friends over the years; some came to stay with me, some left me in the dust without any trace of he/she left. The friends that came to stay with me are most definitely my true friends, friends that I hope will come to stay with me for as long as I live and even after I die. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of my friends, but my friends are all here at school, (I only have two friends whose whereabouts are unknown to me and some other people). My friends are very special and are like a family to me. Without my loyal, kind and trustworthy friends, I don't know how I could survive in this world, with all that my friends and I have been through together. I do know, though, that without the friends that I have, I would be a very lonely and depressed person, as would everyone else without any friends. My friends are everything to me and I hope that they will stay with me for the rest of my life, (and even longer).
About Myself
I am twelve years old!
I was born on August 30, 2001!
My parents' names are Aniko Harrier and Tom Harrier, and my little brother's name is Nolan Harrier!
I was born here in the state of Florida!
My mom was born in Szolnok, Hungary, and my dad was born in Luddington, Michigan.
My mom can speak three languages: Hungarian, Russian, and English, and she currently works at Valencia College as a reading and English teacher.
My dad can only speak English and he currently works as a self-employed business broker and loan broker.
My Favorite Activities!
My Favorite Movies!
My favorite movies (that I've watched so far) are "Cardcaptor Sakura: Movie 2", "Lyrical Magical Nanoha A's: The Movie" and, "My Neighbor Totoro"! Most of the movies that I watch are mainly animes (as you can tell), with a few movies that aren't in the "cartoon world", like the movie, "Thor: The Dark World"!
My Favorite Foods!
My Favorite Music!
My favorite type of music is either pop rock or goth-pop rock, like my two favorite goth-pop rock bands, "Evanescence" and "Within Temptation"!
My other favorite type of music is Japanese pop rock, like my favorite Japanese pop rock band, "Miss A"! My favorite Japanese pop rock singer is Nana Mizuki!
I also listen to eighties' and a little bit of the seventies' music sometimes too, like the American rock-and-roll group, "Tommy James and the Shondells"!
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By: Student

In my spare time, I love reading shoujo manga, ("shoujo" is the Japanese word for "romance" for manga).
I also love watching and drawing anime, (I also love drawing manga)!
I love writing romance novels/books in my spare time as well.
I enjoy powerlifting three times a week, (powerlifting for me, my dad and my little brother, is doing bench press one day out of the week, squats the next day and then deadlift the next). Deadlift is basically pulling a metal bar with weight off the ground and squats in powerlifting are squatting down with a metal bar with weight on it.
My most absolute favorite would be chocolate, by far! My other favorite foods include spicy foods (such as wings), mangoes, seared tuna (sushi), pepperoni pizza, spanish rice, any type of Japanese noodles, steak, and lemon sherbet!
My Accomplishments!

Here are a few of my accomplishments that I've made in my years:
In third grade, I got all A's twice in a row, (the second time I got all A's, I was the only person in my class to have that).
In fourth grade, I had started powerlifting at the end of May that year in the year 2011. At my first meet, I had set my first records for squat, bench press and deadlift. For my deadlift, my record that I had set at the time was 130 lbs. , the most amount lifted for deadlift in my age group and weight class.
In fifth grade, I had set a few more records for deadlift, bench press and squat, (I don't recall any of my squat and bench press records, so I'm going to be sticking to my deadlift records). For deadlift, I had set a record of 200 lbs., and in sixth grade, I had aso set a deadlift record, which was 225 lbs. I am still powerlifting to this day, as I continue to set national state records and world records for my age group and weight class.
My Goals!
My goals for this year are to get all A's and to be successful in everything that I do. The goals that I have throughout my life are that I want to work hard to get to a good college when I graduate from high school, to be able to speak Japanese and Hungarian fluently, to have a great job with a great salary, and to never stop learning!
My Favorite Books!
My favorite book series of all time is the "Tunnels" series; it's so interesting, unique, while also captivating the reader's attention! Most of the books that I like are romance books and novels like, "Broken" and "Dance of Shadows"!
The End!
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