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keep coed schools

No description

Kennadee Tuddenham

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of keep coed schools

Co-Ed Separate Keep Co-Ed schools Why we shouldn't have separated schools Genders can interact with each other. wouldn't learn how to work or together It wont be awkward for the future We wouldn't know how to talk to each other and it would be awkward between genders. CO-ED Less oriented classes Different variety of genders in an occupation Better Hygiene for both girls and boys. Girls and Boys wont care what they look like and they would have bad hygiene and wont care about their appearance. Why we should have co-ed schools Removes shyness and hesitation to interact with the opposite gender. Raises confidence level Genders need to work together to be co-ed. With out it we can never learn to be with each other. It increases: Confidence, Competitiveness, Personality, Mutual understanding, and Dedication to work with the opposite gender. Shyness towards the other gender. Wouldn't know how to communicate with another when we are done with school. Prepares you for the real world. Couldn't prepare us for the future when we want to get married. We are supposed to work together like the real world and we can learn to trust each other. We can have other friends not the same gender. Learn how to work with each other to be CO-ED We can prepare for the future We should have CO-ED schools because... Learn how to trust each other. Removes shyness towards the other gender. Can give us confidence for the future. Need to learn how to deal with the other gender while we are young so we are more mature when we are older. If we are separated how would we learn to be together in society? You might think if they did separate schools that you could go hang out with your friends after school. If you separated the schools while you were young you would never learn how to communicate with the opposite gender. If they did separate schools then when we did get together it would be awkward because we wouldn't know how to communicate or get along. KEEP CO-ED SCHOOLS!!! Works Cited http://www.debate.org/opinions/are-single-sex-schools-a-good-idea Lenora M. Lapidus, et al. "The Need To Address Equal Education Opportunities For Women And Girls."
Human Rights 35.3 (2008): 9. TOPICsearch. Web. 25 Oct. 2012.
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