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Project Think- Story Team B

Story Team B

Tonya Galmoff

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Project Think- Story Team B

Story team B Dan Pink's Story http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_on_motivation.html Chapter Summary Dan Pink discusses story as a way to remember
certain aspects of life. Every person has a story
to tell. They are constantly making and remaking their story every moment in their lives. Pink uses the argument that story telling is a key to having people remember lessons. What we think? We agree with Dan Pink in the aspect that having a story to tell is a great way to share with others. It helps moments of your life to be shared, helps others learn from your mistakes, and gives people an unique way to remember things. Telling a story instead of lecturing can be a lot more fun for students and easier to remember as well. Telling someone's story:
Teacher, Mr. Richard Bullock Through our study of Dan Pink, we were asked to
write a minisaga. This is a story that is no more or no less then 50 words. Ours is about senioritis. Minisaga Senioritis is like a plague. It slowly contaminates the entire senior class, until our GPAs, productivity, and motivation are completely gone. The only reason we get up is for the promise that we will not come back again someday and our afternoon nap. And it is coming for you too. We felt the a story about minisaga was a good choice,
because as senior right now we feel that it pertains to us.
We are all suffering of this, and it just another part of our
story that we are telling from day to day experience. Project Think Why we chose Mr. Bullock Mr. Bullock has been teaching here at Franklin Regional for over 30 years. In his many years of teaching, he's found that telling stories: both personal and informative help students learn better.
How it all connects? Telling a story is more powerful.
It adds depth to the plot, it incorporates emotions
Telling stories forces creativity to occur. When you're telling a story you're using more of your left brain-which is what Dan Pink is trying to make the world see is important.
Dan Pink is trying to get people to
see how the world is shifting from right
brain, which is more logical, to the left brain
which is more creative. When visiting the ETC
this year we saw many new inventions and inovations
that we're using story to get people's attention.
Such as this unique computerized book that you would ask a question too about Benjamin Franklin. After you asked the question an actor playing Ben Franklin would appear on a screen above and tell you, in story form, how the real Ben Franklin would answer the question. Dan Pink argues that almost everything
can become a story in some way, even a presentation
on his very own ideas. Thank you.
Stories Amuse Facts Iluminate He's a storyteller
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