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nora sebastian

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of nora sebastian

first battle of the marne
by: Nora Sebastian 8b
took place from September 6, 1914 to September 12, 1914
this battle brought an end to the war of movement
Germany had been successful defeating the Belgian, French, and British

as Germany got closer to Paris, Frances capital prepared for a fight
the French and British were very tired and the British retreated for 10-12 days regularly until Joseph Joffre (the French Commander) reached south of the River Marne
since Germany thought they would win soon, the German Army surrounded Paris. the French government, thinking the capital was going to fall, left Paris and went to Bordeaux

Joffre planned for his army of 150,000 men to attack the German Army on September 6
the British Expeditionary Force joined the French 5th Army to attack Germany's Second Army

Germany was close to defeating Maunourys beleaguered forces between September 6 and September 8 with the help of 6000 French troops
on September 8, the French commander, General Franchet d' Esperey, had his army attack the German Second Army by surprise

on September 9, Germany started a retreat but they were followed by the French and the British
Germany decided to stop their retreat after traveling 40 miles and started to dig trenches

After fighting them in the First Battle of the Marne, which ended September 10, the French and British pushed Germany out and gained back land. This battle also stopped Germany from continuing the war and bringing it to the Western Front
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