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Copy of Question tags

A quick guide to learn them

Fara Dilla

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Question tags

Tags Question We use them to confirm
or to make a negation They are mini questions that
go at the end of a sentence What are they? What do we use them for? There are 3 basic rules
to create tags question: 1. They always use
auxiliary verbs 2. If the sentence is positive,
the question tag is negative 3. If the sentence is negative, the question tag goes in positive form Types of question tags Verb to be Simple Present Simple Past I am hungry, aren't I? He isn't a soccer player, is he? We aren't classmates, are we? You weren't in class, were you? She was in Italy last month, wasn't she? They were bored, weren't they? Verb to do Simple Present Simple Past You don't like sushi, do you? He plays the guitar, doesn't he? They speak Italian, don't they? She didn't go to the cinema, did she? I played basketball last week, didn't I? We flew from Santiago to Antofagasta, didn't we? Other tenses Present Continuous You're taking piano lessons, aren't you? She isn't paying attention, is she? Future You're not going to travel by bus, are you? He's going to study for the test, isn't he?. Past Continuous She was watching a movie, wasn't she? They weren't talking during the test, were they? Present Perfect You haven't visited that place, have you? She has presented about Michael Jackson before, hasn't she? with 'Be going to' with 'Will' You'll send me a text message, won't you? They won't be in The Mines that day, will they? Modal Verbs Can We can't do it later, can we? She can sing very well, can't she? Could I couldn't take my cellphone to school, could I? He could speak Italian when he was twelve, couldn't he? Should We should be quiet in class, shouldn't we? You shouldn't drink lots of coffee, should you? That's all for today!
Have a great day and a nice weekend :)
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