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Western Civ 6-The French Revolution and Napoleon

No description

Margaret Peacock

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Western Civ 6-The French Revolution and Napoleon

The Marseilles (a la Casablanca)
Radical Solutions: Dealing with the Enemy Within
The Situation in 1792

April 1792, Austria and Prussia invade France. They are joined by Britain, Spain, and Russia.
The Third Estate Convenes
The French Revolution
The Jacobins promise no more bread riots like the one pictured here.
Building a Perfect Society
The National Convention
Taking the Tennis Court Oath, by Jacques-Louis David
The Execution of Robespierre
The Thermidorian
The levee en masse
The Committee for Public Safety
The siege of the Tuileries
Storming the Bastille, 17 July, 1789
The French Revolution
The Continental System
The Congress of Vienna
Napoleon decides to invade Russia in 1812,
which is the beginning of the end.
Teaching the Russians a Lesson (yeah, right)
The Conquest of Europe takes about six years.

Resistance comes in the form of operas like Beethoven’s Fidelio
and Goethe’s Egmont
Getting Sick of Napoleon
Napoleon Retreats from Russia
The suffering French worker carrying on his back the nobility and the clergy (the other two estates)
At the meeting of the Estates General in Versailles in 1789, the Third Estate is flanked on the left by the clergy and the nobility on the right.
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