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Maddy Dykstra

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of GREECE

Physical Environment
Greece's climate is mainly
very hot
with temperatures getting up to 99 Degrees Fahrenheit in the
and in the
when you get into the Northern parts of Greece it
and snows and the temperatures can drop down to
Education Facts
Natural Resources
-65% of adults ages 25-64 have earned only the equivalent of a high school degree
-Greece's literacy rate is 96%
Work Force
- Greece's per capita income is 25,100 U.S. dollars (2012)
-56% of people have a paid job from ages 15-64
-Greece's highest paying job is a marketing analyst
-20% of workers in Greece hold government jobs
-about 10% of greek adults are unemployed

Health Facts
Rocky mountainous country, with gulfs and bays cutting deeply into its jagged coast. Thousands of islands lie off the coast. They are the tips of mountains rising up from the ocean floor. The highest mountain is Mount Olympus (in Macedonia) and the height of 2,917m.
- Rocky Mountains
- Gulfs and Bays
- 1000s of Islands
- Oceans

By:Maddy and Janel
Population Distribution/Density- 81.97
Population- 10,815,197
Population Pyrimid Facts
- The majority of people living Greece are from the ages of 40-44
- The second highest amount of people living in Greece are between the ages of 35 and 39
- The people from ages 100+ are the lowest amount of people living in Greece

Birth Rate-

Death Rate-
9.08 births/1000
10.51 deaths/1000
Orthodox and Christianity
The Role of Media
The Economy
National Dept-

The national debt in Greece is 385,484,449,541 euros
-The Life Expectancy for women and men
Women: 83 years
Men: 78 years
-Greece has National Health insurance.
-The health care system in Greece is ranked 14th world wide
- 370,000 illnesses out of one million are likely caused because of eating contaminated foods.
-The doctors to population ratio is ranked first in the world.

Famous People Who has Visited Greece!
-The Kardashian Family
-Tom Hanks
-Julia Roberts
-James Bond
-Rita Wilson
241.1 billion USD
Primary, Secondary And Tertiary Industries
Primary Industries
Tourism, Food, Tobacco, Processing, Textiles, Metal Product Mining, Patroleum Mining, Chemicals
Secondary Industries
Tertiary Industries
Teaching, Hotel and Lodging, Public Administration, Telecommunications, Salesmen, Street Venders
-Black coal

Economic System
Greece= Market Economy
Imports And Exports
Land Use
Feta Cheese, Olives, Olive Oil, Textiles, Tobacco, Fruit, Vegetables, Greek Herbs, Telecommunications Hardware And Software, Pottery, Clothing, Alcoholic Beverages, Petroleum
Famous People Born in Greece
-John Aniston
-Tommy Lee
-Christian Alexander
-Ariane Labed
-Sarah-Jane Redmond
-Irene Papas

Advantages of Having a Market Economy-
-Prices are based on what population can afford
-Motivation to discover products to improve lives
-Freedom to buy and reject products
-Demand for a product creates more jobs
Meat, Fresh cheese, Cars, Telephones, Petroleum oils, Clothes, Food preperations, Cigars, Toys, Food
Greece attracts more than 17.5 million people each year

Top 10 Places to Visit-
Santorini, parthenon Acropolis, Mykonos, Meteora, Delphi Theatre, Myrtos Beach, Samaria Gorge, Lindos, Mystras, Mount Athos

Organic Farming, Cotton Producers, mining
Social Media
-Currently there are about 4 million Facebook users in Greece, with a penetration of about 36% of the population
- 91.7% of online citizens have an account on at least one social network, with youth as the majority (72% facebook, 36% youtube, 20% twitter)
- Approximately 25% of account holders spend about 1-3 hours per day online and 23% spend about 2-4 hours online
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