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Seven Habits, Principles, and Paradigms

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Hailey White

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Seven Habits, Principles, and Paradigms

BY: Hanna McCoy & Hailey White
Hanna: I plan to use the seven habits in my future life for my job so I can get along with Coworkers, Listen to my boss and understand him Etc.
Seek First to Understand Then to be understood means listen to others opinions don't always
say but this but that listen! Sometimes if you
don't listen you never learn.
Habit 3
Put First Things First means put your homework and important things first. Don't put watching Tv first because you can't get anywhere in life by watching TV and not doing homework. Remember if you put homework and important things first you could end up living a great life.
Being Proactive is to have Self-Awareness which is when you have the ability to stand back and observe our lives, thoughts, and actions. Also to have a Conscience to help evaluate the things we observe. An imagination to enjoy life. Last but not least Independent Will so we can have the power to take action. Habit 1 is the key to all other habits.
Habit 5
Habit 6
Habit 1
Paradigms are when you see something a certain way and your living the opposite way and then you change the way your living an become a "new you".
Habit 4
Habit 2
Begin With End In Mind is set your goals for the future and work towards them little by little.(step by step)
Think Win-Win is where you and somebody else are in a situation you think of a way you both can win like lets say your trying to outrun a bear you say I just have to out run you. Now that is being reactive you should say ok we both should try to out run the bear I will distract him you find a hiding spot and grab the meat QUICK!
Synergize means work together as a team. When you work together as a team you can get the job done efficiently.
Habit 7
Sharpen the saw means take time for yourself once in a while. Renew yourself. By listening to music etc.
Principles are fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.
RBA deposits are keeping promises doing small acts of kindness, being loyal, listening, saying sorry, set clear expectations. RBA withdrawals are break promises, keep to yourself, gossip and break confidence, don't listen, be arrogant, set false expectations.
How you feel about yourself in a bank account.
You can make deposits or withdrawals with the things you say or do. By being honest, renewing yourself, and tapping into your talents, you can make deposits into your bank account.
Hanna: I was impacted the most when we did the PBA,it taught me how to be positive.
Hailey: I plan to use the seven habits in my future life for my job so I can have money to support myself and achieve my goals also to have some fun.
Hailey: I was impacted the most when we did Habit 3 because I learned if you put the important things first you will get further in life.
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