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PhD Study

This presentation was delivered at a PhD Training Panel at the University of Technology, Sydney November 2012

Mary-Anne Williams

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of PhD Study

Objective: To develop advanced research skills that will enable you to make a major contribution to knowledge and society. A PhD is a unique journey where you build the map as you go! getting started graduation Stage 1 Develop a deep understanding of your problem/opportunity and a plan of attack! Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage Enhance your Problem Understanding
Design and develop solutions Develop your thesis and write your dissertation Sign Post Find a problem that
will last the distance
people care about
you want to invest in
is not too ambitious
that your progress toward addressing can be measured

Have a plan, set goals, monitor progress
Be purposeful - know why you are doing things.
Take risks – listen to your intuition and terminate bad ideas early
Take responsibility for your journey
Empower yourself Sign Post Make and measure progress on your research
Build valuable relationships
other PhD students,
researchers at your university and
researchers in the international community
Find mentors
Try things and experiment
Find a community where you can add value aligned with your goals Sign Post What is your research story?
Make it compelling
Make sure your reader doesn't want to stop reading .... be strategic Mary-Anne Williams What are the key factors for doing good research? Scope and address problems that
are fundamental and significant
people care about
you are passionate about solving/addressing
Connect with a Research community
build valuable relationships
engage and contribute
Make an Impact and Make Difference
identify& address significant problems/opportunities
pursue excellence - relevance and rigour!
create high quality outcomes
publish in appropriate venues © copyright all rights reserved Yay!
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