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PB&J sandwich making robot

No description

Brandon Whitney

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of PB&J sandwich making robot

PB&J Robot 1. Get peanut butter jar Steps: 3. Get jelly jar 5. Get loaf of pre-sliced bread 9. Get knife 7. Get plate 10. Cut bread packaging with knife 11. Put knife on table 12. Grab 2 slices of bread 13. Put slices on plate 14. Grab one slice of bread from the plate 15. Put the slice next to the other slice 16. Grab lid to peanut butter jar 17. Twist lid counter-clockwise 18. Lift lid off of jar 19. Put lid on table 2. Put jar on table 4. Put jar on table 6. Put bread on table 8. Put plate on table 20. Grab knife 21. Put knife into peanut butter jar 22. Lift knife 23. Put knife on the edge of a slice of bread 23. Move kife across slice of bread to other edge 24. Put knife on table 25. Grab lid of jelly jar 26. Twist lid counter clockwise 27. Put lid on table 28. Get knife 29. Put knife in jelly jar 30. Lift knife out of jelly jar 31. Put knife on the edge of the slice of bread without peanut butter on it 32. Move knife across the slive of bread to the other edge 33. Put knife on table 34. Lift the slice of bread with peanut butter on it 35. Put the slice of bread on top of the other slice with peanut butter face down ENJOY!
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