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Worst desert weather

No description

alexandra loomis

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Worst desert weather

Sandstorms and Drought Definitions
This is a sandstorm, sandstorms are caused by strong heating of the air which cause high winds. The winds push lots of sand into big clouds of dust.
Where do droughts and
sandstorms occur?
This is a picture of the
droughts in the world
and where they occur.
What happened when the tumble weed told the drought a Joke?

Answer1: He cracked up

Worst desert weather

By. Alexandra
and Kayla
Definition- A long period of time with very little rain
Definition- A strong wind carrying
clouds of sand and dust with it.
This is a drought, droughts are
cause by very little precipitation.
This little amount of rain causes the
ground to become very dry and crack.
This is a picture of the
sandstorms in the world and where they occur.
Fun facts about Sandstorms and Droughts
Sandstorm and Drought weather pictures
How to protect yourself in these
types of disasters ?
Famous Droughts and Sandstorms

The drought of July, 1934 was a devastating time.
More than 5,000 people died and farmers endured widespread crop failures.
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