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Feral Children

No description

Shannon Hoang

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Feral Children

What are feral Children?
Feral Children Characteristics
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Shannon Hoang Catherine Gao Sahand Fardi Sam Chazin P2
Genie Child
Nature vs Nurture
-the counterargument: people can be shaped before they are even born
“...when we are conceived, a set of potentials for that life come together. Some are exploited or thwarted even before we are born. For example, if your mother is addicted to drugs, or is a victim of domestic violence, or survives without enough food while she is pregnant with you, it will impact your development.”
-Bruce Perry, senior fellow of the ChildTraumaAcademy
Feral Children
Frontal Cortex- part of the brain that controls language, complex human behavior
Brain needs stimulation to grow
Environment has a huge impact on brain development of children
An extreme case of child abuse
Spent decade strapped to potty chair
Found at age 13, but socially handicapped
Not mentally retarded, born normal
Dehumanized by studies, used for fame
Many foster homes
Even abused in a foster home once
Recovered, however this regressed after abuse
Today location unknown
Eric Lenneberg's Critical Period Hypothesis: the age window for learning
Bruce Perry, senior fellow of Houston's Child Trauma Academy: children's brains are easily shaped
1. Have animal behaviors specific to environments,
Shamdeo- raised by wolves
Wild Girl of Champagne-raised by monkeys
2. Difficult for them to learn human language and behaviors
Genie Child
Thesis: Feral children develop unique adaptations to their natural surrounding, calling into question whether we are born with human behaviors or whether they are learned.
Physical Traits
Exploration of human behavior
A Legend or Reality?
publicized stories of feral children: Romulus and Remus, Tarzan
feral children seen as scientific objects or myths
we need to have a better care/ treatment system for feral children
The True Origin of Human Behavior
Henri Rosseau (1700s): humans in a "state of Nature" are not much more than animals; civil society and education required to make "Man"
Feral children show us that human behavior is learned, not innate
Can human children that behave like animals be considered "human"?
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