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Hinduism and Buddhism

Chapter 3 Section 2

R Kay

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Hinduism and Buddhism

Hinduism and Buddhism
Simalarites and Differences
A Caste System is a system that is divided society into groups based on a person's birth, wealth, or occupation.
Caste System
Karma is the effects that good or bad actions have on a person's soul.
Main Beliefs
Siddhartha Guatama was locked in the palace for most of his life since he was born. His father kept him from seeing suffering. One day he left the palace and saw what the world really looked like. He then left the palace to find an escape from old age, pain, and suffering. He wondered into an area of woods and said the he would not move until he has found enlightenment. The day that he found enelightenment was the day he became 'Budda'
Siddhartha Guatama
Hinduism and Buddism both believe in reincarnation, karma, and a state of peace.
Hinduism started in India during 4000 B. C. Hinduism is not an organized group. There really is no founder to Hinduism.
The Vedas texts are the most ancient religious text for the Hindus.
Hindus believe that they were received by scholars direct from their God's and was passed on to the next generation by word of mouth.
The Vedas use them as the basis for education. Students are suppose to memorize a large amount of the Vedas.
The Vedas were said orally around 1400 BC, but were written around 1000 BC by scholars.
The Vedas contain sacrifices, ways to worship, methods of meditation, and what happens to the body in the end.
Polytheism a type of religion that believes in more than one God.
Hindu God's
Hindus believe that there are over 300 million individual Gods.
Brahma is the creator
Vishnu is the preserver
Shiva is the destroyer
Brahmins are the priests and were seen as the highest varna.
Kshatriyas are the rulers and warriors.
Vaisyas are the farmers, craftspeople, and traders
Sudras are the workers and servants
Untouchables are the outcasts of India. They could never change their statues.
Reincarnation is the process of rebirth.
Dharma is the path of righteousness and living according to the codes of conduct.
Moksha is the ultimate goal for Hindu. Moksha is when their soul stops reincarnation and suffering and pain quits.
Main Festivals
Diwali is the festival of lights. They celebrate Hindu, Sikh, and Jain beliefs.
Navratri is a nine day festival that celebrates good over evil.
Vijayadashami is festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil.
Budda means the 'Enlightened One'
Main Beliefs
Karma is the effects that good or bad actions have
on a person's soul.
Reincarnation is the process of rebirth.
Nirvana is the unlitmate goal for Buddist. Nirvana is the state of perfect peace where there is no suffering or pain.
Four Nobel Truths
There is suffering in all life.
Suffering is due to wanting.
Suffering can only be stopped if people can stop wanting.
To stop wanting things you must follow the 8 Fold paths
8 Fold Paths
To know the truth
To resist evil
To not say anything that can hurt others feelings
To respect life, property, and mortality
To work at a job that does not injure other
To try to free one's mind from evil
To control one's feelings and thoughts
To appreciate forms of concentrations
Do not kill
Do not steal
Do not indulge in misconduct
Do not lie
Do not drink alcohol
The basic code of ethic to Buddism
Hinduism have no prophet, but Buddism has a prophet, Siddhartha Guatama.
While Hinduism believe in many Gods, Buddism does not believe in Gods at all
Hinduism is not a single religion. Hindusim is practices different beliefs from other religions.
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