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Copy of St. Patrick's Day

No description

Sarah Neighbors

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Copy of St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick is Ireland´s patron saint.
Special foods people eat for St. Patrick´s day are: corned beef and cabbage and soda bread.
The most well-known celebrations in the U.S. take place in Boston, New York and Chicago.
Parade in Boston
Parade in New York City
The river is dyed green!
The President celebrates at his house, the White House, at the capitol, by dying the fountain green, too!
St. Patrick´s Day
March 17
St. Patrick´s Day is always on March 17, the day St. Patrick died in 461.
Saint Patrick was from Britain,
but brought Catholicism to Ireland. He taught about God using a clover.
Some Irish culture

In Seattle, there is a big run to celebrate St. Patrick´s day.
People dress up and wear green.
Afterwards, they drink green beer!
Irish Dancing
Irish Music
Leprechans and Rainbows
A leprechan is a type of Irish fairy. They are small bearded people.
A common myth is that leprechans keep a pot of gold at the end of rainbows.
Irish Luck and the Blarney Stone
the gift of gab
If you see a leprechan, you will have good luck!
St. Patrick´s Day at School!
If you don´t wear green, you get pinched!
He is famous for sending the snakes from Ireland.
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