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Updated Session 1- Ohio PREP Region 9

Healthy Relationships

Ohio PREP Region 9

on 21 June 2018

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Transcript of Updated Session 1- Ohio PREP Region 9

Session 1:
Healthy Relationships

Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship
Open and Clear Communication
Why is it important to have a healthy relationship?

Respect involves treating others the way that you would like to be treated.
Individuals who respect each other:
listen to one another
value one another's ideas and opinions
accept one another for who they are
Individuals build trust with one another when they are honest with each other.
Trust involves feeling that you can count on and rely on that person.
Feeling safe to share your thoughts and feelings
Healthy relationships involve honestly sharing feelings with another even when this is difficult.
Fairness and equality involve sharing equally in making decisions within the relationship.
Individuals show fairness and equality by:
acknowledging one another's feelings and opinions
listening to one another's point of view
treating each other with respect
Open and clear communication is critical to a healthy relationship.
Quality communication involves:
actively listening to the thoughts and feelings of one another
feeling safe in sharing your thoughts with your partner
Part I
How I Want to be Treated by My Boyfriend or Girlfriend
1. Choose your top 5
2. Out of those top 5, choose your #1 quality
FLASH Handout:
Part III:
Healthy Communication
Healthy communication involves active listening and honestly talking with a partner.
Partners need to know how one another feel and think about specific issues, needs, and wants.
Message needs to be clearly conveyed by the "sender" and clearly received by the "receiver".
eye contact
using facial expressions
crossing one's arms
looking away
how close one is standing to the other
Unfortunately, non-verbals can be misinterpreted
What are Characteristics of a Good Listener?
Groups of 2- 1 listener, 1 responder
Responder please answer: "What are your favorite things to do for fun and why?"
Listeners please display good listening characteristics
Switch roles
End of Session 1
Ohio PREP Region 9
This presentation is intended only for the supervised educational purposes of participants in the PREP program and may not be suitable for any other purpose.
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