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Cyrano de Bergerac Mindmap

No description

emily asproth

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano de Bergerac Mindmap

Cyrano de Bergerac Act 2 The setting of this act is Paris, France. In the 1640's. In the theatre of Hotel Burgundy. The play "La CLorise"
is performing. Written by Balthazar Baro. The actor Montefleury
is starring in it. In attendance is
Christian. He is immeadiately
infatuated with
Roxane. Roxane also notices him
and is taken back by his
beauty. She is part of De
Guiche's plan to
marry her to Valvert. Also in attendance is Ligniere. A writer who's work has
upset several people. Cyrano believes that
he cannot act. Cyrano has an unattractive
nose that is insulted at the
Cyrano creates an extempore
with swords when he is
fighting Valvert. Roxane's Duenna arranges
a meeting between Roxane
and Cyrano. Cyrano's impending battle is
against a hundred men who are
trying to ambush Ligniere.
Act 1 This act begins at
Ragueneau's bake shop. He has an interesting rule
of giving food in exchange
for poetry. Act 5 Roxane now lives in
a convent outside Paris. Cyrano is not on
the best of terms
with the nuns. After fifteen years,Roxane continues
to wear what she believes to be
Christian's last letter, in a necklace.
Cyrano often visits Roxane,
delivering news of the
outsideworld. Cyrano was hit by a log
before he visited
Roxane. This log was dropped, in
responce to the offensive
things Cyrano writes in his
plays. They are often able to
damage someone's reputation. This would end up being
the last time that he does this. Knowing this, he asks Roxane to read Christian's final letter. As he speaks, Roxane realizes
that he would never be able
to read it so well because of
the darkness. De Guiche wishes that
he were more like Cyrano. He wants to be able to
speak whats on his mind,
as Cyrano is known to do. Shortly after, Cyrano becomes
delirious and eventually dies. This causes Roxane to have a
loss felt twice. This is the second time she
lost the man, she believed to
have wrote the love letters. He compares this death to a falling leaf. He then attacks falsehoods. Act 3 Ragueneau is now bankrupt. He works as a steward for
Roxane. Roxane now believes that Christian is the writer of the letter. He is now her favorite
intellectual. De Guiche has been promoted to Colonel. With that comes a lot of
power and responsibility. Roxane asks Cyrano to
protect Christian in battle. Christian believes that he
can woo Roxane without any
help. However, he gets tongue-tied and repeated tells Roxane
"I love you." After this, he begs for the assistance of the talented Cyrano. Cyrano then recites
beautiful poetry on
behalf of Christian. Hearing an eloquent recital
of love,Roxane offers a kiss
to Christian.(While it is
actually Cyrano speaking.) Roxane then pursuades the Capuchin to keep Christian from going to battle. A monk interrupts Cyrano, causing him to divert him to another place. Roxane and Christian are then
married. Upon learning this,
De Guiche deploys the Guards. When Cyrano arrives at Roxane's,
he signals Ragueneau to leave them
alone. Cyrano's hand was injured as
a result of the battle. Roxane is helping him
bandage his hand. The Duenna interrupts them and
Cyrano sends her away with pastries. Cyrano and Roxane are cousins
and have been through a lot
through the years. He once saved her life when
they were children. Roxane then tells Cyrano that she is in love with Christian. That she has seen a lover's soul through his eyes. She asks him to befriend and protect Christian. She does not know that Cyrano wrote the letter declaring his unconditional love for her. This is the letter that he left unsigned and agreed to let Christian use to impress Roxane. Act 4 The siege of Arras.
Cyrano promises to tell
Roxane he wrote the letters. Cyrano says that he would
prefer to die several other
ways. The cadets feel hatred towards
De Guiche for numerous reasons. Specifically because they are
cut off by the Spanish, and are
now starving. He then signals the Spanish
spy showing where to attack. Cyrano responds by embarrasing
him with the scarf he used to
boast about himself. De Guiche was using the
spy to find out where the
food and supplies are. Roxane surprisingly
arrives at the cadet's
camp. She was able to get
through the Spanish
by flirting. Ragueneau's has hidden weapons
that will help them fight the
Spaniards. She apologizes for first
loving Christian for only
his looks. Now, she loves him for
his soul alone. She also tells him that
she would love him even
if he was ugly. Christian feels scorn for
his soul and urges Cyrano
to tell Roxane the truth. Christian then goes to battle and is fatally shot. This causes Cyrano to go
to battle avenging two deaths. He is refering to Christian's
death as well as his own. Ragueneau's wrapping paper
is the poems he recieved
from the writers.
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