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No description

William Robles Jr

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of SCAVENGER HUNT!!!! :D = APES

William Robles (Junior)

Passive Solar Energy
This calculator uses solar energy to power itself. It uses the sun's energy through the solar panal on the very top
The grass grow and expands through out the allowed space we've provided for it. It can grow exponentially through out large amounts of land given the opportunity.
Exponential Growth
Humans are an invasive species. We invade the lands and home of many other creatures that surround us so we can use their homes for our wants and needs.
Invasive species
Scavanger Hunt!!! :D- APES
Pointsource Pollution
Thrash is thrown on the street everyday causing pollution to go into our air, water supply, and food source.
Fertilizer and other thing we use to grow our flowers and foods get washed into this drain, ultimately going into our water system.
Non-Pointsource Pollution
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