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Till we meet again

Messages for Liwen from her dearest friends :D

Lydia Yeung

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Till we meet again

Hello hello! Sorry, I mean Hoot Hoot.. HI LIBOON~
It’s been 7 years since I’ve known you. How time flies! Thank you for being an awesome friend all these years. Although we were in different classes after year 2, I’m glad that I still see you in school because you’re always so cheerful and bubbly. To be honest, this character of yours work wonders in making someone’s day. With that outgoing character of yours, I’m sure you’ll adapt well to the overseas culture too. Nevertheless, I wish you all the best for your university education. May you have a fruitful time there, with new experiences and new friends. Of course, not forgetting the old ones back here in Singapore. Hehe. Do take lots of care and come back to Singapore when you’re having your holiday. We can head down to Sentosa again ;) As I think back and thought of those Cadmus days, there are really too many memorable memories we’ve shared together. From forever skipping CCA to rushing out of school just to play or shop, laughing at Miss Tang’s number of “dokays” said in a lesson, playing volleyball for the whole day to practice for interclass, slacking at each other’s house, etc. To me, the most memorable memory we shared was our rebellious days back then. I remember how we would crack our head to think of excuses for skipping CCA, and how we would spend lesson time thinking of where to go and what to do after school. Of course, they were not the most glorifying moment. But thinking of those days reminds me of how much we have grown over the years. I’m glad that in the end we both turned out to be sensible kids and not those who would waste our life and neglect our studies. From always skipping CCA, you turned out to be such a great leader in St. John and good team player in various events or committees you’re involved in. I’m glad to see that throughout the Dunman High days, you’ve grown to be more successful, more talented, more bubbly, more lovable, and more of every awesomeness. So happy for you and for us. As much as this memory is the most memorable to me, the other experiences we’ve had together will also be kept deeply in my heart. Miss those Cadmus days and will miss you too. 

Once again, all the best and jiayou for your future endeavors.
Will miss you.
With tons of love,
Peishan Hi LiBoon!!!

Haven't seen you for a long time!! I just heard you are going overseas? Haha, that's so good! But don't forget us when you succeed some day, ok?
L.O.L. ok let me do not digress. Sorry that I may not be able to send you off on the day you leave, hope this message will find you.
It was really unforgettable back to the time in 3/4B. I remember how crazy you were trying to make the class bonded. I remember your funny accent (trying to mimic some TV show?) to make advertisement all the time. It was so funny!!! I really miss 3/4B. You must miss us as well when you are overseas ok? So yeah, do come back often so we can still have class outings in the future. And do drop me a msg before you come back!
Jiayou for everything!! and smile more often!! Actually you are already so cheerful, so yup, just don't miss us too much and make good friends with your collegemates!

GuoBoon :) Hi Liwen!

Take care of yourself when you're overseas! Study hard but continue being the fun, cheerful Liwen that we all love! And if you ever get lonely, look at our past 4B pictures and videos and think of us! :D
And we must have 4B outings when you come back during vacations! 4B outings won't be complete without you being featured in Yuherng's videos. HAHA.
Anyway, jiayou jiayou jiayou! May you fulfill your dreams and all the best while you are in UK! :D One memorable experience.. was the whole of year 3 & 4!
I really think that tribino and 4bubblebath is the best class i have ever had! And thank you for having played such an important role in helping to bond the class and being our ! :D
Really appreciate all that you have done for our class; planning our class chalets, our harry potter themed dress-up during teacher's day (even though you guys made me moaning myrtle!), the many silly videos that you and yu herng took, the plants we had outside 4B.. It makes our class special and it creates so many precious memories for us to look back to. (and nobody in the right mind but the people in our class will call me 'Alien' and imitate the way i clap my hands!!) Haha hopefully we will meet again when we are all adults and look back at those times and laugh at how silly we once were! Dear Limen,
Let me start by saying I’ll miss you tons and tons when you go to Scotland! The last 4 years have been so so sooo memorable and we did so many epic things together. I shall recall a few of the retarded things we did, reminisce the good times. HEHE!
“Welcome to the 4B garden”, “Welcome to the world of marshmallows”. Sometimes I wonder why you are not planning to be a newscaster or some sort of reporter. HAHAHA!
“One day, springy queen was awoken from her noisy bed and decided to take a walk in the stupid forest with naughty mushrooms. That was where she met 7 dwarves called…” Remember our fairytales? Hahaha! Omg, too bad you can’t find that book anymore! LOL!
Oh and our trip to the zoo after prelims! (WOW prelims, that was such a long time ago!) That was really one of the happiest days of 2011, and I’m glad to have spent it with you! The false ghavial was real. And don’t forget our NINJA NIGHT, hahahaha!
You’re someone I feel comfortable talking to whether I’m happy, sad, crazy or depressed. You’re really an awesome friend and I’ll definitely keep in contact with you even while you’re there, maybe plan out 2013 tour Europe or something. HEHE. And when you come back to Singapore for holiday, please do remember to pay for your supper at simpang. HAHAHAHA!
Have a blast in Edinburgh, I’m sure you’ll adapt very well! Go party like a rock star! (But study a bit too) If you ever need help or company or even for no reason at all, you can always call me maybe, text me maybe, tweet me maybe.
Sam Lauw Hello Liwen!
Wish you all the best in your studies abroad! Remember that ABC is as easy as 123! Haha, random nonsense just to tell you not to forget 2...(and 1) :) You have, and definitely will continue to be my greatest (as in awesome-nest) friend, even though you decided not to bring me along with you in your luggage! Please make sure you DO NOT, I repeat, do not show off your unicorn horn to people you meet there for the first time in hopes of becoming friends. They may not, rephrase: absolutely will not, be as experienced or open-minded to having a unicorn classmate (unicorns having superior powers and all). In fact, they might try to feed you with plastic >< So finishing off my seeyouagainasap (farewell seems just too sad) message, do your best there and cliché phrase, study hard and play hard. Enjoy the wonderful overseas education you can't get anywhere else but overseas and don't forget to find your cuddly cute teddy bear of a boyfriend, if that is still your ideal :) Haha add me on skype!
With lots of rainbows and unicorns,
Sam Hiew Ok, so I fondly recall many many many experiences with you, like SAFMC, Earthquake building (10 hours of our lives), 4B garden and making uncountable nonsense chalet and garden videos (thanks for so willingly starring in them by the way). But what I found to be the most hilarious is our unreal obsession with Whose Line at one point of time. I remember you would download the games onto your Ipod and just LOL at them by yourself, not aware that you look like a insane fool to everyone else. I remember our favourite games were Sound Effects and Director. I love how we can laugh at the same jokes over and over again. Actually, I don't remember ever getting tired of them. I'm not sure if you remember any of them now but I was reminded of some recently when I came across a note you wrote to me back then (*see attached photo). Yea, it was such a staple that we keep saying the jokes all the time. After all, friends are for fooling around with and I certainly had much joy with you around. Hope you bring even more fun into the lives of others you meet in the future!

I'm crazy nutso and I shall go out through the little hole. Ding Ding! DEAREST LIWEN,
I really enjoy talking to you! You must have heard this countless times, but talking to you is sooooooo easy, and especially when I barely knew you in year 5. I am so thankful for (and impressed by) your kindness and thoughtfulness for others, as well as your sportsmanship. I find that such traits are very inspiring and I really wish to embody them in (the near) future. (:
I am also very impressed by your work ethic, well, because you managed to hang onto H2 Physics for super long before dropping it (unlike me). I understand it must have been a tough time going for many consultations and supplementary classes (from personal experience, hah!) but you handled it really well, from what I see!
Now that you're going on to be a doctor/healthcare specialist of some sort/insert occupation here, I hope you continue holding on to your values and good character, and continue inspiring many people and save many lives! :D
I'm so honoured to know you as a friend and I thank God for you! Stay strong in Him as you continue to work out your salvation!
Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation. Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.
Philippians 2: 12 -16a (NIV)
All the best, with love, yours sincerely,
Cassandra Teo (6C33) :> Hey liwen! Congrats! You’re leaving Sg for another place and I’m very sure it will be awesome too!(: It WILL be tough (speaking from my veryvery short experience in New Zealand) – with you trying to fit into their culture, missing home and all the important people in your life for 19 years AND eating foreign food – but it will be a fulfilling journey. (:
I remember that you’ve told me once that “being nice will attract nice people”. And it has really inspired me to continue to be nice and to try to be nice as much as I can! Your eloquence, charisma and confidence have always been a source of inspiration (AHA I sound stupid-.-) and I’ve always told people of how admirable you are (and normally getting strongly agree-ing responses too :D). I guess we are really similar in some ways like how we both get a little high sometimes, or our bright nature or in terms of how we look at some things. :O Haha! It has been tons of fun having you around in class, bonding everyone together and being a source of joy.^^ Thanks for being there, for all the “cultural exchanges” (your English music to exchange with my Chinese/ Korean pop), for being the one who went around taking picture with everyone else along with me for our class bbq (with ur shiny fbt badge..), for being an awesome fellow vball enthusiast(x110000 good vball games we’ve had tgt)… You know, I think that our JC class is really so special, with its super random mix of personalities with everyone standing out so strongly. But out of everyone, you are someone that just feels special to me, as in someone that I might be able to connect with. True~ It’s the connection thingy (like how I guessed your relationship status muahaha~) Just know that even though we might not be the closest of all friends for now, if any day you suddenly need someone and you think I might be be the one (sounds so special :3) you can always just whatsapp/kakao/fbmessage/tweet/skype me (: Stay happy, enjoy your life in Scotland and buy me two quilts next time u come back for my two random university friends who went with us to Sentosa (weiyang and xiangquan). They promised to wear to school if I asked u to buy *smirks* HAHAHA. Let’s try to keep in contact once in a while and share our lives. I’m having a great university life and I hope yours will be great too <3 Love love!! (: HAHA and so I was browsing through my blog for jokes we shared and I found a few hahaha! Shall only write two here~! :D
“Anyways, recently there were loads of stupid jokes-.- haha..
Once, when we were balling, i was kinda touching mah nose.. ._.
lw: omg jiaying are u crying??
me: no.. it's just.. oil.. lolol
maur: HUH?? vegetables have oil meh?!?!
i was alr in tt =______= mood
then everyone on court chorused: HAVE!! VEGETABLE OIL!!!!~
-.- hahaha.”
“Tt day i stayed back to mug with lw. LOL. Dam epic. Haha. Cos we saw this guy who suddenly stood up and went to shift the dividers(those between the SLC classes) We din know wad he was trying to do .__. until he started pulling an invisible string attached to the door and the door "moved" LOLLLLLLL HAHAHAHA! dam retarded right!! imagine mugging mugging mugging. Suddenly someone stands up and starts tugging at some invisible string. LOLLL. haha! but they were filming sth or sth luh .__. hahahha! but it was still super retarded XD” HI LIWEN!!!! I can't believe you're going to a far far away land soon for many years. I will truly miss you ok! I'm really glad to have been in the same class as you for my final 2 years in DHS and being a good friend of yours. Everyone knows Liwen as the very friendly and helpful girl and I'm glad to have the chance to known her too!! :) Haha but seriously, you filled up quite a good part of my life ( I have no idea what I'm typing right now ). School was always fun with you around, although I AM STILL ANGRY AT MY LOUSY TIMETABLE THANKS TO YOU AND CASS, THE GEOG STUDENTS !!! :@ HEHEHE kidding la, love you :) I do hope you have the bestest time of your life in Scotland, and achieve all your goals :) Don't forget me too, because I won't forget you and all the funniest times we have in class. Miss the bits of HTHT, lots of laughter, some fits of angry already.

Love, Maureen the awesome :) Dear Liwen!
It feels as though it was yesterday when we were in the classroom having lessons, having our breaks in the canteen or having GP tuition at SOT together! It was great to be friends with you! I really admire how you’re constantly thinking of ways to contribute back to the society through volunteering! You’re definitely my role model in this aspect! ^^ Thank you for being so nice, helpful and caring all the time!! Hope you do well and of course enjoy yourself in Scotland! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Remember to update us via twitter/WA/Facebook!!!! (I want to see how Scotland looks like!! :D:D) Already missing and will continue to miss you loads! :D:D Hope to see you soon!! Based on a website I found online, we are now closer to each other, with the distance between us being 7052km instead of 12834km! This is a BIG improvement :D HARRO liwen! Here's wishing you all the best as you take on this new journey abroad. I still vaguely remember how we bumped into each other at CDC driving centre. Haha we had a good catch up session on the bus :D I've gotten my license already and I HOPE YOU'VE GOTTEN YOURS TOO!! Driving done, next to learn how to fly plane. Set ah? Keep in touch!
Berenice If I remember correctly, it was when we were at Deborah’s house for a BBQ end of last year, and you taught us how to start a fire for the BBQ. It’s probably a simple thing for you but I never knew how to do so (despite appearing for so many BBQ sessions :P)! So proud of myself that I finally knew, but I have yet to find an opportunity to try doing it myself! :D:D
Sze Wing Hey Liwen! You're going away for quite some time to further your studies and that's good! When I wrote this I'm still in army so not fair ok!
Anyway, all the best to you and your future endeavors! It may be difficult and trying at times while being overseas and away from family and loved ones
and all but just remember you're not alone! You still have us (6A people) as support so don't give up! 8 years of friendship from P5 and counting, I'm really glad
to have you as a great friend. So kind and friendly (awwwwww) and all... gonna miss you while you're away so make sure you come back ok!
When you're back we'll all be grown up and all but nonetheless we'll still stick together ya haha. All the best liboooooooon~


I'm so going to miss you ): Even though we don't meet up that often nowadays, it still makes me damn sad when i think about you being far far far away and that we can't meet whenever we feel like. River safari is not open yet and you are going to Scotland already ): (i don't care, must must come back for river safari trip with us).

Thanks for being so nice to me in class and out of class these 2+ years, putting up with all my nonsense, blonde moments, stupid questions and whining. (i don't think i whine as much as Maureen though, she can whine about me whining. Win please) As i said, i believe that you'd make a perfect doctor, 'cause you are so patient and passionate about helping people and stuff. You are one of the nicest person i've ever met! (seriously) And i insist that you have to keep up with us, take part in all our whatsapp conversations regularly and contribute, no matter how busy you are at Scotland, even if some cute scottish guy ask you out.

No matter how tough things are about to get, be it adapting to the environment and people there, school and stuff, remember that you have us here rooting for you, giving you moral support! If i can fly there to support you, i totally would. Seriously. Too bad i can't. If you're feeling sad and lonely (which i bet you won't cause you'd have super a lot of new friends there), think about us and our epic outings and stay overs, szewing unveiling her violent tendencies after 2 years of knowing her in Sam's house while playing Xbox, my stupid "wagging ears and shaking tail" animal in the zoo, how the raft couldn't move no matter how hard we tried pulling it 'cause we were too heavy, taking epic photos and tagging iris in all the monkey photos, and not to mention our epic STOMP worthy ninja attempt at the zoo, and how we took got attention from all the guests, including tourists. HAHAHHAHA

Anyway, i'm so going to miss you. And you mustn't forget us, the "Nice Plitty Sweet Galz". Tell us whenever you're back so that we can hang out!

<3 <3 <3
Deborah Hey Liwen! It’s been awesome knowing you since sec1! Though we didn’t really hang out much in Cadmus, but we were fated again to be in 33! Will always rmb your cheerfulness and enthusiasm! All the best in uni and do visit us whenever possible! Hehe and in the future maybe u can be my gynae? :P Take care! And stay happy always!! wishing u and ur bf happiness always too! See you sooon Dr Lee!
I’ll start my message by first wishing you all the best for your studies in UK! Make your time spent overseas as memorable as possible, but don’t forget us ok! Come back and visit whenever you are able to! It has been almost a decade since we knew each other in primary school and a decade flew past just like that. I’m sure your time in the UK will fly past too so don’t miss us too much!
Anyway, if you ever need help while overseas I’ll always be willing to help!
Good luck and Jiayou!
Jingwenxzxzxz Hello Liwen!!!! :D :D

Time really flies, it seemed like just a year back when we were annoying little kids still stuck in Josie Choong's class together, trying to lock her out, talking nonsense (Sentosa), shouting 'Sharma Alert' when she was coming back to class. Hahaha. And now, we're all grown up, and you're going away to further your studies! We don't meet up often, but when we do there's always fun & laughter, and I'm grateful for our 6A bunch, and I'm even more grateful to you for always taking the time to organise such outings/meetups. I'm always proud to announce to my friends that I'm still in close contact with my primary school mates. So, no matter where life takes you, always remind the happy & bubbly LiBOON you've been since young alright? All the best to your future endeavours! I'm sure you'll do well! Take care dear!
There's too many memories from primary school! But one of the things you told me that I'll probably remember for life is that you liked Samuel because he had the same surname as you. HAHAHAHAHA. Too funny this one.

with love, Sheryl (Sheryl used a photo with the Singapore flag, just in case you miss Singapore :)) HELLO MA'AM ALL THE BEST AND HAVE FUN IN SCOTLAND! next time we go find you HAHA.
UK SIAAAAAAA! <3 anyway my friend's sister also in scotland (just saying haha).
Good luck and jiayou! I think you'll become a super cool doctor in the future! ^^

I will never forget the first official interaction we had with you (std1 pre-camp) omg why you so fierce scold until wan die alr.
then after that after mock comp scold us also. ): but then you motivated us like some siao the first comp train after mock comp haha that's probably the best comp train we've ever had (imo) ^^ liwen power!

LOL, (copy from you xD)
Deng Jing aka DJ Hello maam liwen :D

It was nice having you as a mentor, and I guess I really need to thank you for really tolerating all my nonsense and stuff, and especially in the beginning, when I was totally not willing to speak up :P Thanks for really coming down this year for our com trains, and for really guiding us and stuff. Without you as a mentor, things will probably be real different and probably quite awkward especially this year after zone com, thanks for being there for us :D Really appreciate it. Also, the trip to Yunnan would not have been that enjoyable without you, though we always teased you and asked you about retarded stuff. Hope you are not offended. :P Really thank you for all everything you have done for us, like forever taking photos. And for coming to our squad chalet and actually staying over with us. LOL. All the best in your studies. I will always remember you, hope you wont forget us too! :D

With love,
Jiaying Hey boon! It’s been so long already haha! Bleargh I’m no good at thank you/farewell messages in general so I’ll do my best to make this as painless as possible for both the writer and the reader. ANYWAY I’ll remember you as the always-smiling classmate who introduced me to Making Fiends, and whom I talked A LOT of cock with! Once, Wei Xiang was talking to me in class about how nice you were heh! You were pretty badass (in a hilarious way) back then also. Remember Jose? That pitiful, short, old hag woman led our class into the AV Room and made us watch Van Helsing. During one of the scenes where the sorry excuses for harpies (they looked more like semi-naked chicken humanoid thingums) she got sick of us making noise or something, so she ordered those who weren’t interested in watching the movie to leave the room. And YOU (and some others I guess? Was it chloe…?) REALLY WERE ABOUT TO WALK OUT #LIKEABOSS when she got all angry hahaha. Epic fail. Okay, I digress. Back to the point: for having organised and coordinated so many class outings (success or failure regardless) without uttering a word of complaint despite it (probably, most likely, almost certainly) being a pain in the arse; for being one of the reasons why our class still manages to meet up from time to time; and for being such a source of joy to our beloved 6A’05, THANK YOU! Do your best overseas (zai leh!), and when you return to Singapore during the school break, we should definitely meet up. Till then, Facebook will have to suffice HELLO MA'AM LIWEN! Can't believe you'll be going overseas for such a long time, 8 years eh!! :( I wonder what we all will be like 8 years later.. Anyway, thanks for being such a wonderful, awesome, cute, nice, high, fun and crazy mentor for NC'11 and NA'12! I like how you're so friendly and outgoing, and how we have similar personalities yay :D Remember our promise on the MRT! ;D Jiayou and all the best in everything you do, hope you'll have fun there as well! I'll miss you :'( Look at the photo. (legs 110 degrees ><) That's the only photo I could find of us, we don't have a proper photo together :( Actually I didn't want to use that photo because it brought back such bad memories HAHA but it's okay. Remember my team's first mock comp..? We did so badly that you and Ma'am Charlotte scolded us right after the comp outside the LT at NYGH. Unforgettable experience, like really! But other than that, you were always the one who comes up with random ideas to make our comp trains more fun and exciting :D I remember that time during comp trials (omg that was 2 years ago) you all set some Totally Spies case which was crazy because the monster keep coming and 2 numbers were down already, leaving me and Jiaying (if I never remember wrongly) treating and diagnosing everything.. AND AND I'll always remember how NC was always so slow that you and Ma'am Charlotte had to -claps hand- "NC......." which then evolved to our favourite "NC, FALL IN" drill. Awwh, I miss comp trains :( But once again, thank you for all the things you have done for us! I love you! <3 Hello Liwen (:
Haha it’s still quite weird not calling you ma’am O: ermm, so yeah you’re going off to find your Scottish boyfriend for 7 years and I guess I’ll really miss seeing you in SG or any SJ activities. Thank you for being such a great senior since I joined SJ in 2009, a very interesting NC’11 mentor in 2011 and a good sleeping buddy in Yunnan in 2012 (: haha, I still can’t forget the epic moments we had together during CTs and during that 12 days in Yunnan when I was in the same group as you and we were somehow also buddies O: Thank you for always caring for me and encouraging me when I emo :P 7 years is going to be a long time away from SG and I’ll really miss your nagging and your smile D: no matter how it goes, hope you have a great time there and we can still talk through whatsapp right!! Don’t forget me ): I’ll never forget you as the mentor that is forever epic, coming to chalets just to sleep and eat and good supper/overseas buddy (: Thank you for coming into my life for the past 4 years (: Goodbye for 7 years )):
Haha, one very memorable incident that I had with you actually quite a horrible experience O: but because it is so horrible, I still remember it until now
“I don’t allow you all to do whoosh with the other 3 dunman high teams because you guys don’t belong there. You all just sit down here and reflect.”
Haha not your exact words, but the meaning’s here. Do you remember? Mock Comp 2011 at Nanyang where NC got last in the whole competition.__. Shocking for a dunman high team but we did not feel the impact of such a loss until you talked to us. Still remembering how when we saw the results and actually quite stunned, we turned around in the lecture theatre to see you and maam charlotte’s faces and you guys were stunned also. Pulling us out of the lecture theatre after that, where we realized that we have disappointed you guys, let all your efforts down. It felt really bad.__. Plus you scolded us for not taking the competition seriously; I guess it was really a wake-up call. Haha and I guess it’s because of that event that made us work harder to claim champs for zone comp 2011… Thank you for all your efforts (:
Diane Hey Liboon!
Its been awhile since we've met, heard you've been doing well! Sry that I didn't go for many of the outings, for some I've been busy haha. Will try to make it for the next one though!
Anyway thank you for the wonderful memories in TPS! Its hard for me to pinpoint exactly 1 memorable incident that occurred, as well its been 7 years, but I remember that you are the cheerful one in class that organises events for us. (My memory is getting bad =\). Well anyways, good luck in your studies, and hope to see you soon! =D Dear Liwen,
I heard that you were going overseas to study, but despite my best efforts to inspect your Facebook wall, I can find no indication of what or where exactly you will be studying. Which either means you’re very good at keeping it a secret or I’m not a very good stalker. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun where ever you shall be going. Since I still don’t know where you will be studying, the best I can do is offer generic travel reminders. For example if you’re going to America, remember that the time zone difference when Skyping is almost 12 hours (ie don’t end up Skyping people at 3 in the morning). If you’re going to the UK bring a good coat because it rains like crazy, and if you’re going to Australia beware the kangaroos.
Jokes aside, it’s been very long since those days at Temasek, but I somehow remember things like they happened just yesterday. Back then we ate instant noodles after school and messed around at the playground after school. Though we’ve since outgrown it (the playground, not instant noodles, I still like those), I love the fact that we can still get together once in a while and laugh like old times. Look forward to the next 6A gathering when you get back!
Wei Xiang Hi Li Wennnnnnn,

Bon voyage! Hahahas I can't really think of what to say, cause I really doubt it's a real farewell. You'd be back right.... Dr Lily Lee Li Wen. Hahahas! But yeap, do have a safe trip. I heard the places quite pretty. And I guess its probably rather safe too... Just don't get too drunk on Irish Scotch. Ireland right! Hahas if I never remembered wrongly. So paiseh if its not... But yeap! And I haven't seen you since forever already! We should catch up soon... hahas but like no chance already leh! But yes, stay safe. Anything call back to Singapore, and we'll see how we can help... Like if you see this hot Irish ( I'm pretty sure its Ireland hmmm...) dude and you need help checking out if he's a good catch we don't mind helping you Facebook stalk him, and give you a rating, equivalent to Vogue's Magazine. I'm like rated 9.5/10 on this scale, so you know its a safe judgement ;) Which reminds me of Yishu rating Kathy's guy a 5, and he gave himself a 6. Okay cancel, I did not say that. So bhb hahahas omg I'm turning into him. Anyhow, bon voyage Madame (: Hope to see you soon!

Le Monsieur Thng Jun Hao Hello Ma'am Liwen!
Time really flies.. I remember just a few months back you emailed NA about your university plans..
When I read it, I really went WOAHH ma'am, you are really so driven and determined to achieve your dreams!
I really admire you for your determination for not giving up and making sure you pursue what you truly love :)
Its not going to be an easy few years ahead I'm sure, but keep the end goal in mind and the reason why you chose to do this, and there'll always be light at the end of the tunnel (LOL!). Anyway, its been really nice knowing you, being a zihigh person, someone able to talk well and talk sense into people, and having a heart for people awwww.. I really learnt a lot from you when we took NA together, and I must say I am really grateful for that, else I'll really be lost! Here's wishing you all the best and see DR LEE LI WEN in a few years to come!!! Hey Liwen! Wow times really fly and u are so grown up. I was really glad to have a chance to talk to you in person at Zhi Ying's birthday celebration before u leave Singapore. Even though we din talk for very long but it made me see that u have matured alot since I left SJ. I can tell that you know what you want in your life and future and u are willing to put everything u got. I'm sure u will succeed and excel in what you are doing. There are definitely going to be obstacles in your time overseas but persevere on and don't give up okay? :) If u feel comfortable, u can always email me or whatsapp me, should u need someone to talk to. You have been a great and enthusiastic cadet and leader in SJ and I am always amazed by the energy that you have. Super rah rah all the time and it builds up people around u:) Continue to have that energy and positivity! :) May God always be with u and watch over u! Take good care of youself!!
Cheers,Cherylgoh Hi Li Wen!

Pali Pali! Count yourself lucky you don't need to hear this anymore. How time really flies, one moment you were tearing over the fact that I was 'going overseas to study' and the next, you're the one flying overseas to study. Despite how fast time has past, you still remain as not as grown up as ever. Some things never change :D

Anyway, as I was browsing through all the comp team photos to deicide which to put in this wonderful book that your dear Lydia has complied for you, I thought about all times after school we spent training and doing silly things. Like wearing masks over your eyes and trying to carry Cheryl or me after your nat comp. Seriously. Wish I could put some videos to show you guys what you were like 3 years ago. And when all these was over, you guys carried on to take comp teams of your own and formed beautiful new memories with them. So, though you are many miles from Singapore, these people whom you have forged such strong bonds with have not left you, as they will remain in your memory forever. And with technology, you're never too far from home. Take care and all the best in your future endeavors!

Grace Tan Hey Liwen!!

Okay this is the first time I’ve addressed you by name! Decided to do that because I remember that there was a period of time that you wanted us to call you by your name but we never did.

YOU’RE AWESOME! Haha I think that you really have a good heart, since you are really committed to contributing to the community (be it organizing fund-raising musicals, going overseas service learning trips or wanting to be a doctor). I hope that everything will turn out the way you want it to eventually, and you’ll get to do what you really want to do!

Anyway, continue being optimistic and the nice person I know, and the most smiley person in town so that no one will say, “Hello, you looked sad and lonely so I came to talk to you.” Haha retard moments in my life ._.

HAVE A BLAST IN UNI, all the best and see you in one happy and healthy piece years down the road! :D

Jia Yi (: Liwen!

It's been great knowing you and having you around..I know we kinda got to know each other better cuz of Lydia and you being her best friend, but I'm glad that was the starting point for our friendship. She will miss you alot and I'll also miss the times we actually manage to HTHT and share abit more about our personal thoughts and life. I remember the time we chatted near your house in the car with Lydia also for an hour plus? =) N will never forget how you chipped in for our SMC gifts to the Year 4s, performed on stage with us despite not needing to do so at all. Thanks for injecting so much fun and hyper-ness into everything that you do, it really perks everyone up =D

Hope you can continue to be that beacon of happiness that will provide light to the people and things around you! =) Do take lotsa care over at Edinburgh and I'll do my best to pop by next year when I'm UK too..Haha, must bring me around then k..I'm proud of you for pursuing your dreams, jiayou all the way and if there's anything I can help you with, feel free to tell me! =) All the best! Dear Liwen, is a bit sad to hear that you will be away from Singapore for an extended period.I think through out your relatively short few years as senior in DHSJAB I didn't really have much opportunity to work directly with you, but nevertheless I heard and seen for myself the many positive impact and influence you brought to this big family. Still can vividly remember how enthusiastic you were during some kind of fund raising. Your drive and determination are outstanding and we were really impressed. I wish that your courage and fearlessness continue to grow as you embark on another exciting and wonderful phase of your life. God Bless and may his protection be with you wherever you are! Hello ma'am liwen! Although i havent seen you around in sj recently, hope you're doing well! Although we've not really chatted but you are, in my opinion, one of the most epic and entertaining seniors that i've ever had! Like the y1 trip to cambodia, y2 for you, you seem to be a really open, entertaining and helpful person that cared for others around you. Hope you have a good trip when you're overseas and stay epic! You'll really fit in well anywhere haha. Dont forget us haha!
Kaiseng Hello Ma'am Liwen,

Thank you for everything you've done in SJ these few years! Its been almost a decade? I remember the times you were Hera house capt and took us for intracomp training every monday in Mt Sinai classrooms. I rmb so clearly because we really had fun those days w Sir Wenzhong, Sir Yeukho, Staff Mae also haha! The bonds made then really brought us closer to SJ and my squadmates! Thank you for making those times so fun! It kinda inspired me to put house capt as my choice for appointments haha. How was being our SMC instructor? Were we a tough bunch to take? Haha, I rmb I was damn shocked when you scolded us that time >< After being a instructor/senior, then we know how tough it is then. Thank you for that (:

I really admire you very much for how you can be so smiley and enthusiastic about almost everything given almost any circumstance! Compared to many of us who are just awkward and shy to do anything :/ thanks for taking the first step to make us feel welcome and more relaxed! I also admire your dedication and passion for community service, it made me self-reflect many times. You set a good role model for us :)

Hope you are able to achieve your dreams wherever you go, and touch more lives with what you're doing! :) All the best Ma'am!!! Keep smiling always!

Warm Regards,

Rong Ying (: Hello Lily Lee! Haha, there's really too much to say actually, so let's start with the easy things first. Have a good trip, take lots of photos, create lots of beautiful memories and study hard too! Keep your work up, and aim for whatever you want to do, because I know you'll make it through. Take care over there, being alone's probably quite exciting and lonely and dangerous and blah, but you know all your friends will always just be a phone call, or skype, or whatsapp away!

Okay, now that that's over. Let's move on to the important things. Really couldn't imagine this day, actually, it's been so long, since you were just a sec 1 kid till now. Time really flies, eh? And there's really too much to say and catch up on, but there's always the future! I'm really gonna miss having someone to talk to about almost everything under the sun, and share personal problems and other crap I'm facing with. So, long story short, take good care of yourself, and i'll see you soon!

I'm supposed to write about memorable experiences here. Haha, there's really too many. From overnight PD, to 40th planning, to random sessions, to Project Sunrise. I would try to find the best one here, but I really can't tell which one is better. I would guess it would be one of the random MSN sessions from ages ago, that I think I still have the chatlogs for!

I'll just end with a quote here. In life, we're all authors, with a broken backspace key; there's no deleting what we have done, but we could always still change whatever's in the present. In short, don't regret, and do whatever the heck you want to! Have fun! Happy Birthday to you, Liwen! Have fun and take care when overseas, and don't feel lonely, there's always technology so keep in touch with the rest of us in Singapore!! :D I didn't know you were going overseas for such a long time! Well, I think I will really miss you alot alot alot. But it's alright, technology has made the world smaller so it's easy to keep in touch! Teehee. Though I am not very close to you, I still want to thank you for all the random and memorable times we had together, especially during Yunnan! I want to thank you so much for putting in really alot of effort into planning this trip and leading us with your experience. The 'training session' we had with you was insightful and I was v happy when I heard that you will be planning Yunnan with us! I hope you have enjoyed going overseas with us!! And the best thing was I was in your group (: I think there are endless things I can learn from you, especially you enthusiasm in doing many things. I admit I'm someone who complains and gets bored of things, but I thankyou for letting me know what it means by having a positive attitude and open mindset. You are really one of a kind who brightens up the mood and I hardly see you being upset. Only during the reflection session we had (don't know if you remember) in yunnan, the one where some in our group cried, and you did too ): But, I still found it very memorable. Sorry if there were any instances when I was immature or something! Haha. You are really very friendly and I didn't even feel weird going to your house alone during the CNY seniors tuan bai. That was another fun time with you, making the costume! LOL. We definitely won cus of you! And your dog is very cuteee. Oh well, I really like that time when I chit chatted with you at your house where you just shared your thoughts about A level, family and even comp team stuff. Thanks so much!! I'll keep these memories with me.

Hope that after like 5-8 years, you still remember me because I definitely will! Thanks so much once again, I feel quite sad that you are leaving for so long! But of course, happy for you at the same time :) I will remember the cheerful, friendly and respectable Ma'am Liwen, who was once my instructor & senior. Farewell to you! Hope you have a good time studying overseas, have a safe trip too! Must take care of yourself :) Bye and I'll miss you!!! :')

Yih Fang Hello Liwen!

Thank you for being part of my life for the past 7 years! I will definitely remember all the fun that we had while we were in SJ, all the stupid things that we did during NA trainings, especially during home nursing trainings. Those are precious memories that will follow me through life and I just want to thank you for being part of my best experiences in SJ Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy your undergrad years in Edinburgh and get into the med school of your choice after graduation! I love how you are so determined and passionate about medicine, and I’m sure you will be a great doctor in the future, so keep on working hard towards achieving your dreams! All the best for everything, and may God bless you abundantly while you are studying abroad!

Grace P.s. This is my favourite bible verse.
Jeremiah 29: 11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”
If you ever feel lost or helpless while studying abroad, remember the promises that God gave us, and I hope you find comfort in His words Hello Liwen!! :D
You are like super duper high all the time haha! I wonder where you get all your energy from!
I really miss those times in sjab when we trained together, laughed together and cried together T.T
Thank you for being my squadmate for 4 years! Wow 4 years very long leh :O oh man I feel so old already .___.
I will never forget those times I spent with you ^_^ Those memories will forever be stored deep in my heart~!
Lastly, I hope you enjoy your studies overseas, create more wonderful memories and find a shuai shuai angmoh boyfriend!! <3
Must visit us when you are free okay?? Cos we will miss you!!!!! ><
And stay cute, pretty and bubbly! :DDD Hello Ma'am!

Will miss you a lot! Thanks for being the best mentor I could ever have, and the NC days were definitely be one of the best SJ memories that I have! If not for you and Ma'am Glada, our team wouldn't be who we are now, so thank you so much! And for coming down for so many trainings this year for NA, even though you didn't have to, I'm really grateful for your guidance and help. Hope you enjoy yourself over there, remember to take care of yourself! Hope to see you again soon (:

Wan Xin Hello Liwen,

So fast, you are flying off le! Haha but I think this trip away from home is definitely something good for you, to see the world, to experience a different lifestyle maybe, and more importantly to pursue your dreams. Haha you are someone who follows your own passion, and contributes positively to society/ humankind, which are really cool things that not many people dare to do or is willing to do. Don’t think we really interacted a lot in DHSJAB, but yeah think you really impacted some people in the corps! Continue to bring love and joy to the people around you while you are there k! Take care of yourself there ah. !

Haven’t talked/seen to you for a long time! But OMG so fast you’re leaving already…
Anyway, just wanna say that you’re really someone I’m glad I have met in DHS! YAY SQUADMATES FOREVER <3 You’ve always always always been the one that put in so much effort to include everyone and try to make our squad more bonded, and I really thank you for that, cos without you our squad would have been different! You’re like theof our squad J I really miss the times when our whole squad get to hang out together, even more after passing out cos it’s just so difficult to call everyone out for squad outings.
Talking to you is always so entertaining, you’re laughter always make me laugh, haha it’s just so contagious :D Must continue to laugh laugh laugh, it’s good for health! (LOL hey it rhymes!)
And remember those small notes that you wrote during friendship day, before exams and some random ones? I kept them nicely and occasionally take them out to read, cos you just sound so encouraging in them XD HAHA right! But really those words help loads when during difficult times!
AHH I’m not good with expressing my feelings through words, but thank you so so much for being around, cheering me and everyone else on during tough times, you’re really a nice person to be with! Like there’s nothing to worry about cos you always there to encourage all of us!
Lastly, I feel so happy for you, can go overseas to study :D Enjoy yourself okay, and must take care of your health! And here’s wishing your all the best in everything you do! I’ll miss having you around *sobs sobs*
Lots of Love,
KIMBO <333 HI BOON. :) Hm actually, I rarely see you after I graduated from DHS, but you're still that same bubbly girl I've known for years when I met you again at Yang's departure! You've been someone really positive to me, showing care and concern to people around you. And that's something I admire a lot; your confidence in the things you do and thoughtfulness for people. Thank you for being part of the beautiful memories I had in DHS. Tiny regret that we didn't get to know each other deeper but I'm contented with the many things we've done together as a squad, which I could never have done with other friends. It's amazing how time flies, and now we're all going on our seperate ways, chasing after the dreams that we have. I'm glad that you've found something you really want to do, and is embarking on a new journey towards your goal. It's both exciting and fearful, but we both know that there is a bigger He looking right after you and guiding through His plans. There're bound to be challenges along the way, but take note of the blessings hiding underneath. I'll be constantly praying for your well-being there. Remember to have lots and lots of fun too! UK is a beautiful country and I'll pay you a visit when I go back there next year alright! It's a promise! Lastly, wherever you are, we are still a squad. So anything, anytime, anywhere, do remember that there's always a family here for you to fall back on. <3 Till then, love from the bottom of my heart. Okay honestly I don't remember much about SJ, but I remember during night walk in Sec 1, I cried so badly when Hongsheng was sharing about ghost stories. I was super freaked out and Liboon was one of the first to come and comfort me. It's something really small but it means a lot to me cos I'm really freaked out by ghosts and whatsnot. Haha! I have been your friend for 6 years. Time really does fly when we are having fun huh, experiencing our teenage years together, go through sweet and rough times as squadmates. And now look at you! flying off to some faraway land for 5 to even 8 years. As you can see from the photos, how much i have changed (from me to me 2) in just 6 years, i am pretty sure we would all change a lot by the time you get back, maybe you might even become some top Asian model in the UK (then i must curse myself 1028232047208 times for all the times i niao3 you)

Living by yourself would be tough, but it trains you to become more independent. Your mama, papa, sis and whoever wont be there next to you directly. although we have skypes, facebook, whatsapp even... but you know what i mean right, it would feel different. for example, no one would be there to offer you tissue paper when you wanna cry, ps the lousy example :s, but yeah, so liwen you must pray everyday, pray for wisdom and strength to get by each day. And at the end of it all become a stronger and more mature lady k! And keep this at the back of your mind, you friends here in singapore will always be there for you. for example, wenzhong will always (if not serving ns or dating pretty girls),be a listening ear and to give lame jokes!

In the meantime, study hard ! And when you feel lost, try to recall the reason why you wanted to study there so badly and turn to God ok? Do not forget about us hor (which means if got pretty asian girls there, you know who's number to give^^) and please write back to us often yeah.

All the best in your future endeavors miss leeliboon :) 1 memorable incident/experience :

Lol definitely all the times we did stupid stuff tgt all the way from being in hera from annual leisure camp in 2006, to all the comp trains, to all the camps such as jnco, snco, otshit and other school shenanigans and chalets.
but the recent one was definitely the one where we did a "cover" of teenage dream at mae's house! uploaded on youtube somemore leh, wahpiang eh wahpiang eh, new youtube stars in the making siboh?
Let's do one more if time gives us the chance, i will try to infuse some ewah ewah ewah! Hellooooo Liwen!
I’ve known you for 7 years already! And we’re coming into our 8th year of friendship, with many more to come! :D
I really wanna take this chance to say a big ‘THANK YOU!’ for all that you’ve done for our squad! Be it initiating squad activities, or leading us in cheers/warm-up sessions/standardisation procedures (I still keep the Acuvue toiletries bag!) during SJ, your thoughtfulness has undoubtedly helped to bring the squad closer together! Not forgetting the laughter that you always bring us :D It’s definitely been a great blessing for all of us to have such a fantastic squadmate!
Sincerely hope that you’ll have a fulfilling university life and wish you all the best in realising your aspirations! Take good care of yourself in UK and do stay:
Lively and loveable <3
Incredibly thoughtful
Wonderfully cheerful
Enthusiastic about every part of life!
Nice as always :D
Ya Si Thanks for being so high for 6 years in the squad and 3B/4B. Thou shall keep in contact with all of us and still be high (in height too). See you in UK (if I visit there) or back in Singapore next time. Have fun in UK! Hi Li Wen!
Finally someone is going to understand my feelings of being away from home! Nah, just kidding. I know that it is not easy being away from your friends and family. My impression of Li Wen is one that is very positive, caring about friends and consoling them in times of need; Rising up to the occasion, though may cry sometimes, will bounce back up very quickly. So hopefully with a little bit of encouragement, my experience can serve as a motivation for you to get over the ‘pain’ of bidding farewell to your loved ones very quickly.
Counting down to the day of departure and calculating it with the unit of ‘days’… time flies, and it will not stop and wait for anyone, so the best thing you can do is just to live the remaining days to the fullest! Tell yourself it is the number of days still available to enjoy life with family and friends, not how many days left till you have to bid farewell to them.
I am sure that you have been thinking of the moment of departure where you wave goodbye to the people sending you off, and trust me, it is always painful no matter how many times you have experienced it, especially if it is the first time. However, being a guy I always bit my lips and hold my tears since crying would just make the atmosphere even worse. Not sure how the female mind works, but I am not receptive to the idea of showing my weakness (especially emotional)… :P
To be honest, friends and family will definitely be missed, and even more so for the first few days since you will still be closely connected to life in Singapore in some way. However, focus on your new life and gradually let go of the close connection. 10 years ago there was only the phone and you can count yourself lucky you have Whatsapp nowadays… I have experienced being away from both parents in the past and friends nowadays, and I understand how you feel, so feel free to talk to me if you need someone to talk to.
Remember, rather than looking back and shed tears of sorrow, why not look forward and shed tear of joy? It is a new chapter in life, it is an opportunity to make new friends and gain new experiences, but how it turns out depends on you. So many people have experienced this and got over it, why can’t you?
I am not saying goodbye here, there is no need to, since you are always with me as a friend in my heart.
All the best!
Yeuk Ho Hi Liwen!

You're now gonna be embarking on a new journey in a new environment, congratulations to you! :) the years ahead will definitely be an adventurous and thrilling one, so remember to enjoy every single moment of it! When you're down and dejected, just remember that sad moments don't last forever. You're on a learning journey, so please always take good and bad experiences as precious lessons :) I'm sure you'll have a blast in the UK!

It's been great knowing you all these years, and I wish you all the best!

Zhi Wei

I will never forget us being super noobcakes in Math 2 during Lim Chong Jie's lessons!!! Hahaha we were forever like ??? during his lessons T.T heh but we still survived anyway! ;) HEYY liwen!! In a blink it has been 9 months since TFT 3! The same time we know each other! It has been nice knowing you! And all the fun we had together as TFT 3 like in the photo!! I still remember the time we went for the cable ski, and both of us fail to ski together while you and tricia manage to! And the many time we drink tadpoles while failing to the river while doing the standing ski! All the best for your studies!! And come back as a doctor!!! :)) And yeah, you are the few that always come for our outing! All of us will miss ya and your motherly role!! JIAYOU!!

Kenneth Tan
TFT3 Dearest Lily Liwen :)

There's so much I want to tell you haha and so I will, in another separate message wahahaha. Here's me reminding you to STAY AT EASE, MANY MORE GAMES IN LIFE TO PLAY. STAY WINNING IN LIFE BABE ^^

Truckloads and truckloads of love,
Caisaratops Hey Liwen!

You'll be greatly missed. I hate to say it, but it's TMD LONG THAT U'RE AWAY.
Hugs. Thank you for trusting and giving to me through these months. I've been blessed to have you in my life.
That passion and love that you've always showered upon me, i'm always grateful.
Now go study hard, but remember, no matter what happens, always remember who you are.
And always remember how that feels like.
And know that i'm always here. NO MATTER HOW FARRRRR. Cos distance and time don't dictate relationships. :)

Love you loads,
Sheena Dear Liwen,
I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you through the musical ^^ Can't believe I've only known you for 2 short months, it really feels longer than that! We both ain't sure when exactly we started being friends, but that's okay cos we are friends already! Hahaha. My cute pau (I'm sure you were waiting/wondering for this to come up) you are truly a very comofortable and LOVING *winkwink* person to talk to. Also, that you care a lot about relationships, just like I do :) Here's wishing you all the very best in your studies and relationships. I believe you will adapt just fine! Above all else, seek God and you may find the path will be clear to you! Finally, you are awesome and I love you to bits! Rmb that okay :) Lots of love, fake pau (yes yes I shall concede)

1 memorable experience of you and I? Hahaha our friendship handshake of course! And that mahjong day when we hi-5 and realised we should do our handshake instead :) Also the truth baring talks that we had. Thanks for everything friend! <3 Hey liwen!

Just wanna wish you all the best for the next phase in your life, as you proceed to Scotland to further your education! I just know that you will definitely do well in your studies there so I don't think you need much in that aspect! On another note, I will pray for you that you will pass through this tough time away from your family and close friends! Knowing you, you will definitely be able to adapt to the life away from home even though it's gonna be tough! I'm really glad that I joined TFT even though I'm still a negative $50 because now I have all of you amazing people in my life and I'm really glad for it! Became closer to you because of all the simpang suppers and I really regard you as a good friend because of all the advice you have given me and all that! And now that I mention it, we haven't had suppers in a long time! So hopefully we can have like one final one before you leave and before i go to Brunei! Lastly, please do have lots of fun even as you study hard and I know you'll make lots of friends over there!!! Hopefully when I finish army I can go visit you for a holiday or something!!!

Yours sincerely,
Wei Loong(: Hello my dearest bffwww :)

It's finally the day you have to go. Even during the process of organising Operation Secret Mango or knitting the beanie, it never really dawned upon me as much as now (as I am editing this) that my best friend of 11 years is gonna be saying a temporary goodbye. We've quarreled, liked the same guys or should I say, boys, wrote cute letters to one another, went for comp and cried together all the time whether we win or lose.. You've seen the best and worst of me but you've never once xian2 qi4 me as a BFF. Thanks for being there for me all these years my dear! :')

Sometimes I wonder if you'll be okay there alone because as extroverted and adventurous you may seem, you do have your moments of stress or insecurity, will you change when you're back? Will we still have common topics to talk about? Will our squad friendship still go strong? There are many things we have no control over so just take one step at a time k! If you're stressed or insecure, just try to cast your worries aside and always remember that back in Singapore there are so many of your loved ones supporting you and will be there for you.

From the bottom of my heart, I'm really happy for you that you've taken the first step to pursue your dreams. All the best for this new journey k leeli :) Studies aside, also take the chance to savour this experience, take lotsa photos, make friends, take good care of yourself and remember, we are just a Whatsapp/FB msg/Viber call/Skype call/ooVoo call away from you as and when you need us :D Love you and see you in 9 months! <3

Lydia Best wishes to you Liwen!
Till we meet again :) Before you depart, your friends from TPS, 2C, 4B, 6C33, squad, seniors' cohort and TFT/POP have something to say! :)
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