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How can I improve as a writer?

This presentation outlines the kinds of knowledge writers need to have and the processes they often follow to produce a written text.

Roger Graves

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of How can I improve as a writer?

Roger Graves
Director, Writing Across the Curriculum
University of Alberta
How do I improve as a writer?
Writing process
Rhetorical knowledge
Do I have a sophisticated understanding of how to achieve my purpose in writing?
Can I write for different audiences in the same text?
Genre knowledge
Have I studied the target text, the kind of text I am trying to produce?
What are the limitations and possibilities in the kind of text I am trying to write?
Have I selected the right genre for the purpose I am trying to achieve in this text?
Subject matter knowledge
Do I know enough about the subject to get started writing this document?
Should I combine my efforts with others (collaborate) to assemble the right kinds of expertise to solve the problem in this research?
Should I attend a conference or seminar to learn more about this area?
What processes are involved in writing?
Do I benefit from drafting a lot?
Do I work well with others?
Is writing recursive for me?
Do I pay attention to my writing processes (metacognitive awareness)?
Beaufort, A. (2007). College writing and beyond. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.
Talk about your work
Identify a project
Reflect/enjoy, retool/enhance, resume/engage
Research, read, write notes
Draft, revise, refine
What to do?
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