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No description

Michael Cervantes

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Capstone

Double click anywhere & add an idea My Stats
Head-Hands-Heart 2 Ways to go Oh Brave Youth's
"city night lights" Started as a musician playing in bands when I was 13.

When I was 15, the band I was in recorded a demo. It wasn’t that good and I thought I could do it better. So I bought a CD recorder and haven’t stopped recording since.
When I was 18, I took recording a lot more serious and bought Pro Tools and started a recording studio inside the warehouse of the business my Dad owned at the time.

Decided to go to college for audio, while attending school then and now, I’ve recorded lots of bands.
From June 2005 to the present, I have worked with 32 bands/artists from the west Michigan area, resulting in 35 releases.
6 songs I've recorded and produced have had radio play in Michigan, and 2 other states (Pennsylvania and Illinois).

I’ve made 2 records that were on Independent Record Labels.
While I was recording all of these records, I still continued to play in bands with friends but learned about the control the music industry has on artists and it wasn’t something I really wanted anymore. I believed that I could be a lot more creative and productive in the production side of music.


-My education helped create a foundation
of knowledge.
-Google and independent reading.
-Experience making records.
-Throwing myself into the "deep end".
-Learning how to bring out the best performance.
-Helping bands by offering a great quality recording without spending a lot of money.

-As an engineer/producer/mixer,
I'm providing a service to

-Without a doubt in my mind, this
is what God has put me on this
planet to do and I can’t wait to
wake up every morning to
record music.
All you need is talented musicians who can
actually play their instruments! WOO!
Sometimes, you don’t get good musicians..... “You can’t polish a turd.”

-Randy Miller So, what do you do?

-Griding Drums, copy/paste parts, vocal correction.

-These can help a band save money because they use less time in the studio.

-It’s quicker and can sometimes sound better.

-Trick records can be fun to make but it doesn’t work for every music genre.

-For Oh Brave Youth’s record, tricks would not compliment their music.
Music Producing 1 Assignment: Engineer/Produce/Mix/Master a Full Length Record (10 Songs)
-They’re a Rock n’ Roll band, but with muscle.
-From Grand Rapids, MI
-Late 20’s
-Been together for 2 years
-They all played in local bands that I watched at shows downtown when I was growing up : (Joust, Shades of Amber, Last Broadcast, Still Remains, Clearly Blind, and The Vigilantes).

-They wanted a "real" record; no tricks.
-They had 10 songs written and ready to record. -We made it a goal to finish the record in 1 semester.

We started setting up the drums and recording gear at Shippert photography; spent 5 days recording drums.

Started tracking
bass guitar at
CU’s studio;
spent 6 days
recording the
bass tracks. Took 5 days, went to NAMM in Anaheim, CA with my girlfriend, met Chris Lord Alge (the Lord of the Board).
-Started Guitar tones;
didn’t start tracking guitars until the 20th

-Spent time on intonation of the guitars so tuning did not get in our way as much as it could have when tracking.

-Luke’s Vox AC-15-the transformer was going bad but we worked around it in various ways. -We worked very hard to finish tracking all the “main” instruments, excluding vocals, before the spring semester started.
-We did not meet this goal until a few days after the semester started.
-A lot was accomplished within less than a month’s worth of time.
-Pushed back tracking a few guitar solos and the vocals due to illness'.
-Each session during winter break lasted, on average, 8 hours a day, and on occasion 12 hours a day.
My level of expectations of their performance on the record was very high because I had been making a lot of trick records for other bands before starting this one, so my ears were use to hearing a lot of perfect performances. I found out very quickly that they were not use to that high of expectations, so they had to learn to adapt with that. It had been a long time since I wasn’t allowed to use my edit window to correct the performances, so I had to adapt to that as well. Since the record was made for free, we definitely had an advantage by taking as much time needed to get it right. Not worrying about a budget. Heart was applied a little more than head or hands.

“Its not my wedding, it’s the artist’s wedding”. -Jack Joseph Puig

The band’s vision was an easy fit for what was needed, but the bar was set a little higher than what the band expected. The finished product; expectations were met.
-A personal goal was to simply make a record that was as tight as a Trick record but without the tricks.
-Accomplished that goal because it proved to me that you can make a tight record, that was real, without having to use all the tricks.
-Its encouraged to spend 2 semesters to complete the producing project.

-Our goal was to get it done at the end of this semester.

-Due to illness’ and schedule conflicts, we have a little tracking left to complete.

-It will be mixed and mastered by the end of May.

-No official release date has been set, but June is a likely candidate!
Lets talk....
As consumers, what is your opinion on the trick method?

What if a platinum selling Christian band/artist made their record like this? The Skies Revolt comic Record was sold in 15 different malls around the state, has sold almost 2,000 copies, radio request some where in Illinois, and one song made it on a compilation disc that was sold in Japan at Tower Records during 2009. Is it good? Is it Bad? Is it cheating? Is it fake? Does it really matter? Some Success: Head
Hands Heart You can make a "Real" record Ingredients for a "Trick" record OBY's Stats The plan for the record The Process December 26th, 2009 January 6th, 2010 January 18th, 2010
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