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Me and myself

It's a prezi about me and my life!

Rátkai Katalin

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Me and myself

My name is Katalin Rátkai HEVES My family I'm 16 years old and I go to Andrássy György School of Economics and Business Administration. I have got brown eyes and brown hair and I'm about 161 cm tall. I like the animals, and I have a cat, and a dog. I want a rabbit too... I like sports, playing handball or football, I like go jogging, and dancing. My favourite colours are blue, green and orange. My favoirite hobby is skeating :) in winter and in the summer too. I love summer! I live in Heves It's a small town, Eger is about 45 km from here. It's a litlle busy town, It has some museums and the most popular museum is the Chess Museum. There are some pubs, and 2 discos. There is a new sport hall. Unfortunately it hasn't got any swimming-pool.
Heves is famous for it's watermalon. School life I live in a big family, there are 5 of us : my mother, my father, my two sisters and me. We live together in a house with a big garden. My mother name is Kata too, she works in Eger, so she takes the bus every day. She is very energetic and helpful and I get on with her. My elder sister's name is Betti, she is learn at the same school as me. She is 18 years old and she has got fair hair and blue eyes. She is small and slim. She likes mushroom. My little sister's name is Boglárka, she is really beautiful girl, she has brown hait and blue eyes. She goes to Heves's Primary School. She like the animals. My father name is Csaba and he works in Heves at the petrolstation. He is over weight a bit and he has got black hair and brown eyes. THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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