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NASA Project Manager

Rachael's NASA Project

Rachael Glover

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of NASA Project Manager

Rachael Glover
NASA Project Manager Space Warp Mission Goal Risks and Benefits Design The Scout's Conditions Power My mission with NASA as their next project manager is to break the speed of light with a manned aircraft. The way this helps mankind is that we can explore deeper space looking for life and resources. This will benefit NASA by making people more interested in the NASA space program and it will make NASA the world leader on speed technology. This is important because we can know the universe better and possibly colonize space. Alcubierre's Warp Drive is a theory that ships
could warp space and time, by folding space
and time using positive and negative mass. A team inside NASA's Eagleworks, a skunkworks operation at the Johnson Space Center, is working on an experiment that would create and detect a microscopic warp bubble, according to Gizmodo. There are many risks and benefits of warp drive travel. Scientists do not know what will happen or if it will work. If it does work what the scientists will find when they get there will be mysterious. They could meet aliens, find new resources, get lost, or even blow up. If it works we could also find another home planet to live on. Even if there are so many risks, what people could win is even bigger which makes the risk worth it. The Scout will be able to travel to deep space so it needs to be prepared for all conditions. It will be able to handle very hot and very cold temperatures. It will also be able to handle big pressure changes. It will also be able to handle the warp bubble and the power of negative mass. The Scout will be designed like a gyroscope. The outer ring will have the negative mass and will spin and create the warp bubble. The inner ring will be protected by an electromagnetic field created by the rings spinning and giant magnets. The inner sphere will be able to detach from the outter ring for close exploration. Both rings will be able to be piloted seperately so they can meet again after exploration. The Scout will be powered by nuclear power and will use solar power when possible. The negative mass will be kept in a small area with lots of pressure so it does not get out of control. Thank You Rachael Glover
Ms. Wolf 3rd grade MPE NASA History
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