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Chapter 10: Producing Ads for Print, Electronic and Digital

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Leah Cover

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 10: Producing Ads for Print, Electronic and Digital

Chapter 10: Producing Ads for Print, Electronic and Digital Media
Managing the Advertising Production Process
The role of the production manager or producer
-planning -directing
-organizing -controlling
What to look for in a proof
Ways to Proof Print Production

-Blueline Proof
-Color keys and analog or digital proofs
-Press Proof

The Radio Commercial Production Process
The Preproduction Phase
Production: The Shoot
By: Amanda Higgins, Taylar Long, Lauren Davie, Leah Cover
Duplication and Distribution
The Production Phase: Creating the Artwork

Managing Production Costs
-Budget Busters
-Print Production
-Electronic Production
*Digital Media
Prepress Phase
The Television Commercial Production Process
The Print Production Process
-Photos or Illustrations
-Base art
-Camera-ready art
Camera-ready art & Halftones
-Line art
-Halftone Screen
Stripping & Flats
-process by which film negatives are mounted together in perfect registration onto flats, which are opaque plastic sheets that allow light to pass through only where lines and dots are to appear on the plate
Printing in Color
-Four-color process/CYMK printing
-PANTONE Matching System (PMS)
Four color separation
-The press run
Production: Cutting the spot
-The Sound Studio
-The Control Room
Post Production: Finishing the spot
Preproduction Phase
Production: The shoot

Live action
Special effects
Planning production
Quiet on the set: Sound
Action: Staging and Talenting
Emergence of Digital Media

Sound + Music + Motion=Multimedia
Multimedia + Computer Technology=Digital Media
Three categories of places we experience digital media
mass audience, private audience, personal audience
Role of Digital Media in Advertising
Gives marketers new ways to reach prospects and begin a relationship-or improve their relationship with current customer

Game Time
The role of the production manager or producer
-planning -directing
-organizing -controlling
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