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Switzerland World Geography

No description

Abigail Shofner

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Switzerland World Geography

Switzerland Location Size Twice the
Size of
New Jersey Capital Population About 7.3 Million language German FrencH italian RomanisH Religion switzerland Cantons Christianity Islam irreligious (82%) (15%) (4%) Official CHurcHes People Family life More than 75% of the population live in the central plains. Sports Clothing Defense Marriage ages: Men: 31
Women: 28 Divorce Rate: Families usually have
1 to 2 kids 53% Jobs: Men are usually "breadwinners" women are usually house wives Popular Sports: Soccer
Basketball Interesting Sports: Schwigen
hornussen Interesting Fact: 1-20 professional basketball team come from German-Swiss, 4-20 come from Italian-Swiss, 15-20 come from French-Swiss
Enviromental friendly They are conserned for the enviroment so they pay more for natural fiber clothing. Teens wear oufits like us Teens: They have a Malitia army The armed forces have 4,200 professional staff Fact: Woman are allowed combat troop Currency food Swiss Franc 1 U.S doller= .90 Francs
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