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Half Moon Investigations

No description

Everett Montori

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Half Moon Investigations

Half Moon Investigations
by Eoin Colfer

Main Character
The main character in Half Moon Investigations is Fletcher Moon. Fletcher is a twelve year old boy with brown hair and blue eyes. Fletcher is also a private detective trained by Bernstein online academy. Fletcher is a smart kid and a reliable one. He go's through challenges throughout the book, but always succeeds.
The theme of Half Moon Investigations is justice will prevail. All throughout the book there are many examples of the main characters working together to enact justice on April, the books antagonist. In the book, April tries to frame Fletcher and his friend Red for various crimes, including arson and assault. Fletcher, being an investigator and a firm believer in justice, and Red, trying to clear his name, overhear April and her girls club's plot to frame them for these crime that they did not commit, and inform the police. On page 209 Aprils dad says to April, "you are going to do whatever it takes to undo whatever you've done". Sergeant Murt says ,"it seems as though a crime has been committed here. At the end of the book, even after trying to flee in her father's car, April is caught and confesses to framing the boys. Satisfied with the cold justice they had served to April and her gang, the boys end up forming an investigation club together in order to continue solving the crimes of their town.

The plot of Half Moon Investigations starts out with a boy named Fletcher Moon who is an investigator. One day Fletcher is hired by a ten year old girl named April. Fletcher is asked to find a lock of hair. He starts by investigating suspects which gets him threatened by a kid named Red Sharkey. Fletcher keeps investigating Red because of his families criminal record. One night Fletcher went out side and got attacked by someone with a baseball bat. He is in the hospital. Later in the book he is convicted of arson and Red is convicted of assault. At the end of the book Red and Fletcher are innocent. April was the guilty kid. She did all this because she hates Red and his family because they always steal from her.
Half moon investigations is set in a little town called Lock. Lock is a normal town with houses along streets and trees all over. Lock has one grocery market and a school. Lock has wildlife and is a beautiful small town .
Extra Book Information
The are a few mentionable things about Half Moon Investigations that were not included in this report. April ran a girls club called Les Juenes Etudiantes which was comprised of a group of girls that believed the presence of boys in their school was taking away from their education; this was one of her prime motives in framing Fletcher and Red. Another additional piece of information about Fletcher is that he is often called "Half-Moon" because of his small stature.
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