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Joe S.

on 4 June 2009

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Transcript of Weather

Weather MOnsoons Seasonal prevaling winds monsoons last sevral months Monsoons bring heavy rainfall Cyclones An area of closed fluid motion rotating with the Earth Cyclones are formed by the strenghthning of an area of low pressure. Mars and Neptune also have Cyclones Hurricanes A storm system with a center of low pressure
surronded by many thunder storms. Hurricanes can produce damaging winds,
high waves and a storm surge. Other names: cyclone, tropical depression
Typhoon, and cyclonic storm. Tornados Tornados are spinning colums of air that make contack with the ground and clouds Most have a wind speed of 40 -110mph Some can styreach a mile across Prevailing Winds Winds that blow in one direction. Insects can be blown away by Prevailing Winds Birds follow Prevailing Winds Fronts Fronts are boundarys separating air masses Cold fronts move West to East Warm fronts move poleward Air masses A large volume of air. Air masses are defined by their tempeture They can cover thosands of miles.
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