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Graduation Presentation

No description

Alex Mayo

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Graduation Presentation

When was the last time you read a book?
“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” ~Confucius
Science Fiction in School Classes and Studies
By: Alexander Mayo
Ms. Justice English IV Honor
Science fiction can equally provide the same ideas as classical literature currently studied in schools, while being more easily understood and enjoyable to students. The science fiction genre also provides many of the same moral and ethical experiences as classical literature and should be taught in place of or alongside classical literature.
Why I Chose My Research Topic
Personal affinity for reading
Makes you smarter
Can be enjoyable
Not much science fiction read in schools
Provides life lessons just like classical literature
English class shouldn't always be about hunting for literature terms and figurative language.
Description of Research
Ender's Game vs The Illiad
Ender's Shadow vs Night
War Atrocities
Ender's Shadow vs Much Ado About Nothing
Ender's Game vs A Tale Tell Heart
Previous actions haunting the main characters
Ender's Game vs The Lorax
When your given lemons, make lemonade.

During the Research I Learned...
Why science fiction should be read over or along side classical literature
How both genres are similar and different
What the stylistic differences were among the books chosen for study.
Research Paper Reflection
This research paper taught me time management
It taught me to look in-depth into what makes classical literature "classical".
Also it opened my eyes to how to properly research evidence for my paper.

QR Codes
Worked with mentor multiple times
Worked well with mentor
This project should have a mentor
Really helps with the implementation and idea creation of the product.
Mentor help with the acquisition of supplies necessary for the product.
Very satisfied with end result of QR codes
Learned about time management
Learned about the "QR code" and how to create them.
Pros and Cons
Cheaper than some projects
Can have positive influence on student body
MY passion for reading
Could be Repetitive
What I Learned
How to catalog books (Learned during Job Shadowing)
Why reading is important
How to develop and create QR codes
Taking pride in your work
What I Wish I Had Known Before I Started:
Time Management
What is important to me?
How would my essay become a good product?

Help others find books and reading interesting
Learn about libraries and how they function
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