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Today's technology

No description

owen mullender

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Today's technology

Home of the future
Today's technology
From today's technology your average 'techy' home just has flat screens,computers etc but we have something coming that will blow your mind and make yo think all of these flat screens and computers are ancient and we need your help to achieve this by purchasing them
Technology to come
we have great thoughts of new tech for all houses, we have ideas of even flatter tv's, the flattest in the world! electronic picture frames, the whole house controlled by a huge tablet, electronics integrated into walls, adjustable sinks, fridges that tell you the contents and best before dates and much more to come.
Don't get too excited yet, these items/accessories don't come cheap we have tried to keep the items easily purchasable so we can get all of this into the average home changing them completely but still not cheap.
All this technology will come in 2015!
The great thing about it is all these gadgets/appliances will be available to any house big to small and all of this to come in 2015.

what to expect
what we have in mind with these gadgets, appliances and what not is a huge tablet that can control your whole house face recognition scanners for you to enter your house, flattest tv's fridges that tell you the contents, adjustable counters and many more appliances to come
We hope that these appliances/gadgets make your day to day life just that little bit better, and hopefully you'll get your hands on some this amazing technology
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