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My Fathers Immigration To The US

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Nicholas Xynidakis

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of My Fathers Immigration To The US

My Father's Immigration From Greece to the U.S.
By: Nicholas Xynidakis
My Father's Life in Greece
Map of My Father's Immigration
From Greece...
To the Land of Opportunities!
My Father Meets My Mother
My Father's Trip To The U.S.
My mother and father lived in Greece for two years after they got married. My father wanted to move the U.S. and my mother agreed. My father needed to apply for his green card to live in another country. When he did they waited in Greece until the government answered them back. The government accepted his green card and they were on their way to the U.S. My father had a direct flight to the U.S. so he didn't have a pit stop at another place. My father did not pass through Ellis Island so the minute he made it here he got settled in my grandpa's and grandma's house with my mother.
My father was born in Crete, Greece in the city of Chania. He has four siblings and they are all girls, and he was the youngest out of all. He had a great time during his childhood and he loved to help out on his fathers farm. He would pick olives and would play with the animals. By the time he reached the age of twenty six, he had met my mother.
One very special day my father met my mother. He was twenty six and it was just an ordinary day. They spent one year together dating and then they decided to get married. When they got married they made a decision to live in Greece. It was hard for my mother because all her family members were in Yonkers, New York. Two years passed and my father wanted to move to the U.S. My mother agreed, so that's what they did.
Why I Moved To The U.S.
I moved to the U.S. for many many important reasons. First of all in Greece when you graduate from what you've wanted to become, there's not a very good chance that you will get the job that you want. Also there are no good jobs in Greece because you don't get paid alot. The main reason that I wanted to move here was because I wanted to have a better life and have better opportunities during my life time. I also had a family to take care of and I wanted my children to be educated and to have a good time in the U.S., because Greece was not very good in providing better school curriculums. Ever since I moved here the U.S. this country has provided many things for me. Now I am an engineer and I would have never made it this far if I hadn't moved to the Land of Opportunities.
The Comparison Of Greece And The U.S.
From Greece To The Land Of Opportunities
"I do miss my country but the opportunities will last me a life time"
My Family Tree
Pictures of The U.S. and Greece
In Greece you don't get a good education.
When you graduate in Greece you don"t always get the job that you studied for.
There aren't any good curriculums.
America has many more opportunities than Greece does.
You can get a better education and its easier to get a job.
You have freedom in many ways in America.
You can become whoever you want, do anything you want, and live the way you want.
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