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Recruiting & Onboarding Millennials

No description

Molly MacGillivray

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Recruiting & Onboarding Millennials

Recruiting & Onboarding Millennials
Molly MacGillivray
HR Intern
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Who Are The Millennials?
Generation Y: 1980-1994
Most diverse and educated generation
Highly tech-savvy
Socially responsible
33% of WSI employees
Recruiting via Social Media
Gap Inc. Member Spotlight
"West Elm has the highest number of Millennials (60%) out of the WSI brands, but also the highest turnover (74.6%)."

- Michael Yowell
Global Talent Development
West Elm

Why This Is Important
Aging workforce
Millennials are hard to retain
They will dominate 50% of the workforce by 2020
Competitive Retail Companies in the Bay Area
Links to all social media accounts
Strengthening WSI's LinkedIn
Strategies to Onboard Millennials
Non formal environment, but structured agenda
Chance to work on teams
Up-to-date technology
Mentor program
WSI's Onboarding Process
"The internship description was exciting because it offered such a wide array of potential positions. I liked having the option to talk about all the positions and find the best fit for me."
"Hearing from the executives on the morning of orientation was wonderful and encouraging."
"My initial interview with Kara was a great experience because I could tell how much she loved the company culture and she really made me want to be a part of it."
"My coworkers were so friendly and helpful. One in particular really took on the reins of being my mentor when my manager had to leave the country for 3 weeks. She was incredibly helpful and sweet and really made me feel at home at Pottery Barn."
WSI's Onboarding Process
"We did not have enough work to do in the store to have worked the full two weeks. I wished we would have been assigned a project that encouraged us to learn exactly what we needed in the stores to use at corporate."
"I needed access to a certain server in order to do my work, and IT couldn't figure out how to grant me access until week 3. It would have been great if it was set up and working from the start!"
"I would have loved more information about what I would be doing at corporate exactly, whether it was from HR or my boss. It would have been nice to hear from them before the internship started."
"I really liked that I was given a mentor before the internship started, but it would have been more beneficial if they were from the department I am working in."
Strengthening WSI's Twitter
Thank you
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