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Experimental Design Pt. 1

No description

Samantha Dieck

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Experimental Design Pt. 1

Experimental Design
Learning Targets
Describe the steps of the Scientific Method.

Define what an independent, dependent, and control variable is.

Define problems in an experiment.
What is wrong with this flashlight?
Make a new hypothesis!
the batteries are dead and you replace them with new ones,
the flashlight will work.
Independent Practice
But First...
Let's take the Pre-Test.

NOTE: This test is NOT for a grade. You are NOT expected to know these answers.
If you don't know an answer, take your best guess!
Let's Work Through an Example Experiment
Olaf the snowman noticed that when he got close to a fire, he starts to melt. He wonders how far he needs to be away from the fire in order to not melt.
Now You Try!
With your shoulder buddy, work on the "Identifying Parts of an Experiment" worksheet.

Once everyone is completed, we'll go over the answers.
Experimental Design Key Terms
The Scientific Method

K: What you KNOW

W: What you WANT to know

L: What you LEARNED
Independent Variable
A condition/factor that is
changed by the investigator
on purpose.

Dependent Variable
A condition/factor that is affected by the independent variable and is

Control Variable
Conditions/factors that can vary, but we keep
controlled so they don't affect the results
The Scientific Method

- The act of attentive watching, perceiving, or noticing
This flashlight does not work.
- A suggested answer to a scientific question:
The batteries are dead in the flashlight.
Replace the batteries.

Test supports hypothesis
Test does not support hypothesis
Work through "Identifying Variables & Writing Problem Statements" worksheet on your own.

Ask me if you have questions!
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