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Media Strengths and Weaknesses

No description

Bob Munkacsy

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Media Strengths and Weaknesses

Questionnaire Design
Screener Questions
Main Body
Classification Questions
Visual layout and appeal
Uncluttered and easy to read
Questions are distinguished from responses
Coding is unobtrusive
Questions do not continue across pages
Columns are used to help maintain focus, save space and simplify responses
Provide sense of flow and continuity
Lends conversational tone and rapport
"Next, I'd like your opinions about -----"
Maintain focus during long series of questions
give warning that a change in topic is coming
Thank you for sharing your opinion about -----. Now, I'd like to move to another topic. Let's discuss -----"
provide justification for sensitive info
"Finally, there are just a few more questions I'd like to ask you. These questions are important because they let us combine your answers with those of others similar to you and to help us understand differences in opinion held by different individuals."
communicates that the study is important
explains the rationale and goals of the study
requests their participation
reassures them that the study won't take too long or be too burdensome
requests truthful answers
promises confidentiality and annonymity
reassures them that the study is real and legit
Screener Questions
Act like a gate: admits those individuals who possess all of the target characteristics and eliminates those who lack at least one
Studies conducted among a random sample of the adult population do not need screener questions
Main Body Questions
Begin with simple, nonthreatening, easy-to-answer questions
Group questions on the same topic together
Address the most important topics first
Within a topic move from general to specific
Place difficult or sensitive questions at the end
Avoid biasing any questions appearing at the end of survey with questions asked earlier
Classification Questions
Collect relevant demographic, brand usage or behavioral info that was not collected in the main or screener section
Provides a means for examining important subgroups/segments within the larger sample
Radio's Strengths:
cost efficient
loyal listeners - can achieve high freq.
impact close to p.o.p.
not as cluttered as n/p or tv
"theater of the mind"
always front and center
synergy with outdoor, tv, online
short deadlines and low production costs
excellent for value added considerations
Radio's Weaknesses:
Difficult to deliver large short term reach
can over-deliver geographically
could be described as background noise
commercials concentrated into pods
easy to abandon during commercial break
TV's strengths:
Consumers spend most time with tv
perceived as substantial and stable - your product/brand has arrived!
High impact - persuasive and exciting
relatively high reach in short amount of time
relatively low cpm's
sound and visuals = best way to ensure a concept is remembered
Demonstrative - creates desire
TV's weaknesses:
Expensive to produce
Expensive to purchase - 6 wk minimum for new advertisers
difficult to build frequency quickly
fleeting (typically :30)
can over-deliver geographically
commercials concentrated into pods
easy to abandon during commercial break
Newspaper Strengths:
High one-day reach
Loyal readership builds frequency
Quality readers
Immediacy (timeliness) and newsworthiness
Ad size and cost flexibility
Credible and trustworthy environment
Readers seek out ads (sometimes)
Allows for detailed copy
Short deadlines
Newspaper Weaknesses:
Expensive frequency builder
No emotion, 2-d image
Poor reproduction and quality
Wasted circulation
Short shelf life
Shrinking circulation
Online Strengths:
Reach qualified & captive audience
Target campaigns geographically, demographically & by keywords
Get measurable results in real time
Quick creative & campaign changes
Cost effective: You get what you pay for
Limited waste
Various campaign types (display advertising, text ads)
Various pricing models:
Cost per click (CPC) - pay for clicks only
CPM - pay per 1000 impressions
CPA - pay for conversions only
Online Weaknesses:
Can be blocked by firewall
"Banner blindness"
Annoyance factor can work against advertiser
Magazine Strengths
Targeted to reader interest
Good reproduction quality
Credible environment
Regional flexibility
Pass-along readership
Long life
Ads are part of the experience
Magazine Weaknesses
Long lead times
High production costs
Slow frequency builder
Not applicable for time-sensitive promotions
Outdoor Strengths:
Huge Canvass
Mass city coverage
Site selectivity
Long life and continuity
Efficient (lowest CPMs)
Outdoor Weaknesses:
Market and zoning restrictions
Limited message (5 words at most!)
Wasted circulation
Long lead times
Affected by weather and seasons
Picking your Media
Overall Cost
Reach or Frequency
Active or Passive
Research Available
Lifetime of medium
Targeted (niche v mass)
Promotions and add-ons
Geographic flexibility, spill and waste
Captive (can it be easily ignored?)

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