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Use of tablet by a pupil with special needs in school context

Case Study developed by CRTIC Oporto in the framework of SENnet project

Ida Brandao

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Use of tablet by a pupil with special needs in school context

CRTIC Oporto, 2014
Fernanda Cerqueira/Manuela Torres

Use of tablet by a pupil with SEN
in school context

To observe and analyse the school context of a pupil with SEN in the 1st grade and respective use of tablet for learning purposes.
The pupil presents global delayed psychomotor development showing characteristics of Pervasive Developmental Disorder
Pupil's condition
SEN teacher support to use tablet in different learning contexts

Sistematic support of pupil in class

Pupil's motivations followed

Supervised use of tablet together with other materials

Use of Tablet
Levante da Maia School Cluster
Primary school
North of Portugal
Pupil's age

7 years old
ICF assessment
poor coordination and impaired balance
poor coordination eye-hand
difficulty to focus and keep attention to a task
poor verbal expression
presents a good level of autonomy for his age, requiring adult supervision
Pupil's class
17 pupils (8 boys and 9 girls)
He is the only child with SEN
Educational measures
in pupil's IEP
Personalised educational support
Individual curricular adjustments
Assessment process adjustments
Assistive technologies
10’ Microsoft Surface
Wi-fi in classroom
Microsoft free apps
USB access
Production of resources
and worksheets

Tablet is user friendly and intuitive
Pupil enjoys working with it
Stimulates learning
Useful and mobile in different learning contexts
Customisation allows access to many materials
better attention focus
better fine motor skills
tablet as a facilitator recognized in school, and by pupil and family
further use in the future, eventually connected to interactive board
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