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Dennis the Menace Rodman

No description

Clayton F

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Dennis the Menace Rodman

Dennis The Menace Rodman
Can one person really change the NBA just by how he acts? With his rainbow-colored hair and multiple tattoos, conducting interviews in gay bars, and his many romances with female celebrities, Dennis Rodman made headlines far outside the sports pages(“Dennis Rodman,” par 3). Dennis Rodman changed the views of many people with his off-court antics. Dennis may be a crazy, wacky, and weird guy, but because of him the NBA is more accepting of its players.
Pursuit of Happiness
Persecution/Reaction to Persecution
Reflective Works
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Dennis Rodman is knowed as one of the greatest rebounders of all time in the NBA. In Fact he got inducted into the basketball hall of fame because he was so good. But when you think of Dennis Rodman you don’t really think about his skill at basketball you think about what he did off the court. Dennis would do all kinds of things like color his hair any color from pink to rainbow. He would get new tattoos every weekend and maybe get a new piercing too. "I created something that everyone has been afraid of ... the Dennis Rodman I was born to be." (Dennis Rodman, par. 3) from this quote you can see that this is what Dennis wanted to be a figure of attention he loved all the stories and press about him. And his antics still went on as he got older too. "I'm a free, wild, exotic animal loving life, such as it is in the confines of the rules and laws of the universe." As Rodman entered his retirement years, however, he found himself encountering more and more resistance, as he continued to push the boundaries of conventional behavior. (Dennis Rodman BioEssay, par. 17) this is Rodman’s pursuit of happiness and he will never stop being himself till the day he dies.
As a child he was frail and shy, often taking the brunt of beatings by his bigger, more aggressive schoolmates. (Dennis Rodman, par. 7). Dennis wasn’t always the big bad scary dude as a kid he got picked on for be the weird small little kid. They persecuted him almost every day of school because he didn’t act like the rest of the kids. Rescue came in the form of a phenomenal growth spurt. Rodman grew almost a foot in a single year, topping out at six-foot-eight. After a year at Cooke County Junior College in Dallas, he won a basketball scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma State University. (Dennis Rodman, par. 8). Thanks to his growth spurt dennis became the big kid and no one really messed with him anymore and he got a great scholarship out of it too. But later on him and his mom never really got along and he ended up getting kicked out by his mom already had been left by his dad at the age of 5. Dennis couldn’t really find anybody you understood him and his weird crazy ways. Than he found a friend who he talked out of suicide who ended up helping Rodman’s basketball career skyrocket into the NBA and become one of the greatest of all time.
He may be the craziest person you have ever meet but without him we would all be less tolerant of others. Dennis Rodman is the reason why you and I if we wanted to join the NBA and be who we are if that means going in wearing a cape and some sunglasses than so be it. Even if you don’t like Dennis Rodman you have to give him the respect he deserves for changing America for the good of us all.
Dennis Rodman is know for going over to korea once in a while. But do you know what he hopes he can accomplish by this. This video shows Dennis’s passion for Korea and Kim Jong Un. All he wants is to open the door for all Americans to be able to travel there and be on good terms with North Korea.

Dennis Rodman NBA Highlights
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