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And Then There Were None Vocabulary

No description

Alexis Kruszewski

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of And Then There Were None Vocabulary

And Then There Were None Vocabulary inference red herring synecdoche denouement quip conformist protaganist peripeteia 1st person allusion Justice and Armstrong are on the cliff and Justice tells
him there is something over the cliff so Armstong
leans to look and gets pushed off Armstrong acted his part in the most professional manner. He carried Justice upstairs and lays him on the bed. Nobody worried about me. Everyone went into the next room except for Emily so they accused her of it and she replied "This is outrageous!" Lombard was shot through the head by Vera. They accused Mr. Rogers of killing Mrs. Rogers. The poem bases the story. We find out that the killer is
Lawrence Wargrave. the poem is the theme because it describes
how each person in the book dies. They all find out that everybody has
comitted one murder. Everything was explained and
it told who the killer was. Wargrave explains by himself how
he murdered everyone. The newspaper used is the "Times." vignette A story about a girl who killed her parents. Theme climax
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