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Green Marketing

No description

Youri Chen

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Green Marketing

Green marketing
is defined as the holistic management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying the requirements of customers and society in a profitable and environmentally sustainable way.

Mistrust of Manufacturers
Mistrust of Green Products
Customers need to take risk if they choose green product.
Green products cost too much (as much as 100% more)
Packaging of green product is not attractive.
Green Marketing
Green Gap
What consumers believe should be done to save the environment vs. what they actually do

There is a considerable green gap of 40% between self perception and actual action taken to improve the environment.

Alec Bunkers
James Swider
Lingmin Dai
Jake Rajcula

Definition of Green Marketing
Situation Details
-Green Gap
-Mistrust of Manufacturers
-Mistrust of Green Products
Applicable Theories
Possible Solutions(Recommendation)
Functional Risk
Temporal Risk Theory

Belief that products don't work or they do with diminished quality

WOM and TV

Products not tested

Poor product packaging
How much time and effort may I expend to make his purchase?
What are the costs and benefits for me over time?
This theory looks at the buying and investment side of consumerism.
Customers' concerns
Fewer choices for green brands
Cost time to find green products
Trust Issues



This theory looks at actual costs
and perceived costs
Purchase price
Cost of alternatives
-Gluten Free


Truth in Marketing
To Marketers
Stick with it, green is an investment
Lower the barrier for consumers
Shift sustainability savings to lower the purchase price of products
Include green products in sales
Perceptions can be fixed

Attention grabbing

What consumers want

Internet & TV Spots
Some businesses use 'green' like a fad idea
Energy producers are especially mistrusted
Businesses are shady
Before promoting green products, provide more options
Let customers find those green products easily.
Marketers can provide more information to customers about green products
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