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richard king

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Catholic View Catholics believe that abortion is gravely contrary to the moral law meaning that in some circumstances abortion is okay otherwise they do not permit abortion.
They belive that the only way that a person could have an abortion is to be a victim of rape, the child puts the mother at risk or the child is sevearly hadicapped.
However they do acknowledge that if an abortion is the only way then then they want it to happen before 12 weeks have passed, this is to stop the child suffering at all. CHRISTIAN IN GENERAL Christians, believe that abortion is bad and should not be participated in, as it is killing a potential life and therefor defying the sanctity of life, this would mean that the person would goto hell. Christians only allow this if the child is a rape baby, puts the mother at risk or is servealy hadicapped however the descision cannot be taken lightly.
They belive that the decison is hrd one to make and will vary between each person and the morals of the person to but still advise against abortion if its not neccessary . Church of England Quaker View By Richard King ABORTION The Church of England encourages people to think through the issue of abortion very carefully and recognises that each individual will have differing views on the subject.
However the chucrch of england follows the Catholic view that abortion is gravely contrary to the moral law. Therefore believing abortion is bad. Quakers don't have a united view on abortion but regard it as a matter of individual conscience. Philosophically there is no Quaker doctrine of when a person becomes a person.

The movement has difficulty reconciling the principle of non-violence, which could argue against abortion, and the wish that women should be able to play a full part in society, which might sometimes justify abortion.
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