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Book Project

No description

Nadia A

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Book Project

Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Newberry Medal Book Project About the Author Mildred Taylor was born on September 13th, 1943 in Jackson, Mississippi.
She was from the south but she grew up in Toledo, Ohio.
Mildred's family still visited their old home in the south. During those road trips to her house in the South, Mildred's father would tell her some very interesting and detailed stories that later helped her to write books. Education Mildred went to the University of Toledo.
After graduating, Mildred entered the Peace Corps.
When she came back from the Peace corps she entered the University of Colorado and got a master of arts degree there.
In the University of Colorado, Mildred was a member of the Black Student Alliance where she worked with students and university officials to build a Black Studies Program. About the Author By: MildredD Taylor Early Life About the Author Other Works After graduating from the University of Toledo, she joined the Peace Corps in Ethiopia and became a teacher for two years. In Ethiopia, she taught history and English.
she wrote many other books such as:
The Friendship
Let the Circle be Unbroken
The Gold Cadillac
The Song of Trees
The Land
The well Newberry Medal My book received this award in 1977, about a year after the book was published.
I think my book received this award because the author did a fantastic job on explaining what was going on in the scene, how the scene looked and how the characters felt.
The author made me experience what the characters were going through and what they saw or heard during that time.
Though the author's writing was a bit confusing because she used the slang language that african american's used some time ago, I still enjoyed it. About the Author Current Life Setting Where my book takes place:
My book takes place in the Logan's house Which is on the Granger land
It takes place in a school in Mississippi called Great Faith Elementary.
It takes place in Vicksburg, where the Logan's shop and in Strawberry, where Big Ma sells some of her family's farm products.
Most of the scenes and actions occur during the early 1930's.
It takes place during the great depression when jobs were lost and people had many financial difficulties. 4). The same path is used for bus and the students so the students always get dirty when it drives by.
5). When the students arrive to class, the teacher passes out books. Good conditioned books are given to the white students while the dirty and old books are given to the african american students.
6). The Logan children find out about the Berry's Burning which was done by the Wallace's.
7). David Logan, or Papa brings home a man named Mr. Morrison who acts like a body guard for his family.
8). Big Ma goes to Strawberry with her grandchildren and T.J. She tells the children to stay in one place but they decide to explore the town of Strawberry.
9). The children walk to a marketplace. While being helped, a White-American family appears. The clerk stops helping the Logan's and T.J, and then goes to help the White-American family. Cassie gets herself and her siblings kicked out of the marketplace because she gets too upset
10). When Cassie was walking, she bumped into a white girl named Lillian who became very bothered, She demanded that Cassie apologize but Cassie wouldn't. Describe your favorites
from the novel Favorite Character:
My favorite character from this novel is Cassie Logan's father, David Logan. He is my favorite character because he is strong, he never gives up and he never loses hope.
David is there for his children and he teaches them how to do things correctly
For example when Cassie thought that the their family's house and land would be sold, her father told her not to worry and that they wouldn't lose the land. What was your favorite part?
My favorite part is when T.J, R.W and Melvin, rob
a house and then T.J gets in big trouble with the Police.
This is my favorite part of the book because the author used the proper words that made me feel as if I was in the book during that scene and most of the book didn't have lively, and scary scenes like this one.did Exposition 1). This book is based on the Logan family, Cassie, Little Man, Christopher John, Big Ma, Stacey and Mr and Mrs Logan and Stacey's friend, T.J.
2). The minor characters in this book are:
Mr. Hammer who is Cassie's uncle,
Harlan Granger a rich land owner
The Wallaces who have been doing bad things to the African Americans and who own a general store in Harlan Granger's land
Mr. Morrison, the man who lives with the Logan's and acts as their bodyguard,
The Simme's children (Jeremy, Lillian Jean, R.W and Melvin). Jeremy is a polite child while his siblings are very racist and mean. Rising Action Climax 17). The Climax in this story is when T.J and his friends, R.W and Melvin, rob the Simme"s house to get a special gun. 22). The Logan kids had helped T.J into his house, saw the Police and hid in the forest. Falling Action 26). Mr.Granger orders the police to stop the lynching and put out the field fire because the fire was burning too many crops and homes. 25). Mr.Jamison tried to stop the police from the lynching. 24). Papa left his home to help. 23). Cassie had to run from the forest along with Little Man and Christopher John to her house to get help. 27). Papa was told to lay low because he started he fire. 21). In this story, there isn't a resolution because the climax occured at the end of the book. 3). The Logan family along with other black families, are treated badly because of racism. Her family struggles from living during the great depression and being an African-American family. Exposition (continued) 11). T.J cheats on a test and when the teacher found out, T.J blames Stacey. The two students run to the Wallace Store and fight each other. Rising Action (continued) 2 Important Themes One Important theme I learned from this book is that you should never lose hope and have faith in each other. I think this is one of the themes because the Logan's were experiencing financial difficulties with paying the money for their land but the family kept their heads held high and they all convinced each other that the land would be safe and that they would never lose it.
The other theme in this book is about being true friends and being there for your friends. I think this is the theme because T.J and Stacey have had terrible times together, because they hated each other a lot but when T.J was beat up by R.W and Melvin, Stacey was there for T.J and helped T.J go back to his house. Stacey even risked getting in big trouble for sneaking out of the house at midnight just to help his friend. 15). T.J and his friends, R.W and Melvin rob a house to get a pearl gun that T.J really liked. 16). Cassie becomes Lillian Jean's "servant" to learn all her secrets. When Lillian showed how little she cared for Cassie, Cassie got very angry and fought Lillian. Cassie said that if anyone found out about the fight, Cassie would tell everyone in the school Lillian' secrets. 14). Mrs. Logan gets fired from her teaching career at school because of T.J, Then the Logan's stop being T.J's friend and T.J hangs out with the Simm's instead. 13). Cassie and one of her school friends dug a hole on the road for the bus to fall into so that they will no longer have to get dirty from the bus when it passes by. 12). To show that the Wallaces were dangerous people, Mama took her children and T.J to see the result of the Berry's Burning (which was done by the Wallaces). The children saw a badly burned man and they knew to they had to avoid the Wallaces. Bibliography Logan Family an example of racism 21). A fire starts and burns all the cotton on the field. 20). R.W and Melvin went to the Police saying that T.J robbed a house so the police were out to get T.J. They punished and hurt T.J and his family very badly. 19).T.J went to the Logan's house and asked Stacey for help to get back to his own house. 18). T.J wanted to leave but R.W and Melvin did not allow him. T.J threatened the brothers, both of whom, became very violent. Field Fire Resolution 28. In this book there is no resolution because the Climax takes place at the end of the book.

29). T.J dies from all the injuries he received from the police and the Simme's brothers.

30). Cassie is heartbroken from T.J's death even though he had done terrible things to her and her family, she still misses him. The Logan House "MWP: Mildred D. Taylor (1943- )." University of Mississippi. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 June 2013. <http://www.olemiss.edu/mwp/dir/taylor_mildred/

SHS), Carrie Margaret Steele. "Mildred D. Taylor, Mississippi writer and author." Mississippi writers, Mississippi musicians, Mississippi actors, and Mississippi artists, Mississippi authors. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 June 2013. <http://mswritersandmusicians.com/writers/mildred-taylor.html>.

"Biography of Mildred Taylor | List of Works, Study Guides & Essays | GradeSaver." Study Guides & Essay Editing | GradeSaver. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 June 2013. <http://www.gradesaver.com/author/mildred-taylor/>. Taylor currently lives in Colorado
Taylor's last award was the Jason Award for The Well: David's Story in 1997. Young Taylor
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