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Lord Of The Flies

No description

Justin Ford

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies Prezi
By: Justin Ford

The Conch
The Conch resembles civilization amongst the boys on the island. Ralph first discovers this with the help of piggy. Ralph uses the conch to call assemblies amongst the boys.
Lord of the Flies
The Lord of the Flies, is a pig head that Jack took and put it on top of a spear. Simon went into the woods, started to hallucinating and talked to the pig head. The Lord of the Flies told Simon, "That he is going to die." Then Simon passes out. We find out later that the boys kill Simon in the Chant around the Fire.
In the beginning jack leaves the meeting. Decides he doesn't want to be apart of civilization. Towards the middle Jack plays a game with Simon, which did end up killing him. At the very end Jack tells the boys to find and kill Ralph. He is a very Savage person.
Ralph uses the conch to call a meeting making him leader. Then more towards the middle of the book he decides to remind everyone on how important the fire is to them, rescue. At the very end of the book, Ralph punches the, "Lord of the Flies" in the face and it falls to the ground reminding us as readers to see he is still with civilization.
"The Beast Within"
Piggy's Glasses
Piggy's glasses resemble a technology that they use to start fires to signal for help if a boat came by they would see the smoke then come rescue them.
The Fire
The Fire, was made by the help of piggy's spec's. It was used not only to keep them warm/make food. but to signal for help, hopefully a boat or plane would see it.
The Beast, as Simon says is within everyone. Everyone on the island is scared of, "the Beast." They are afraid of it taking over the boys. The Beast as Simon tells everyone is something we all have in us. That is evil / Savage. Later on in the book the Boys fall suit with Savagery.
Simon is a kind of weird character who ends up to be a very spiritual kid. Simon helps out the littuns in the beginning of the book by getting the fruit off the tree for them. Following after that he talks to the, " Lord of the Flies" and asks him, "Is there anything else?" Towards the middle of the book, Simon dies trying to tell everyone, "The Beast" isn't real.
Direct Characterization
Roger is a careless kid that doesn't stop for anything. Roger killed Piggy with an enormous Bolder and didn't think twice about it.
The littleuns are the youngest boys on the island. The littleuns are not given an age they are just little. The littleuns spend most of the days eating fruit and suffering from diarrhea, as a consequence of eating the unripe fruit.
Sam N Eric
Sam n Eric, A pair of twins who are close with Ralph. Sam and Eric are always together. They help Ralph a bit, by telling him about the plan that jack proposed. They navigate Ralph throughout the island to hunt.
Piggy has been know for his glasses, the glasses where used to start fires. Piggy was also that kid who always to get picked on in school always pushed aside.
Ralph, is known for being a very civil kid who is very bright, has good leadership skills, can manage everyone at once by using the conch to call assemblies.
Jack, a very civil child who had very dramatic moments throughout the book. went from following Ralph's authority to hating Ralph. Jack runs off with his hunters and makes his own tribe. He turns from civil into a Savage. Jack and his hunters along with.
Simon a very religious kid who has very spiritual thoughts. Simon has told the future of not only himself but Ralph and how he will get off the island.
The Lord of the Flies
The Lord of the Flies, is a pig head mounted on a stick. The Lord of the Flies threatens Simon to have fun on the island or he will have Ralph and Jack kill Simon.
Ralph wants to be civilized.
Doesn't like to hunt.
More focused on being rescued more then anything else.
Respects Piggy.
The kids follow him out of respect.
Both have leadership skills.
Both are boys of action.
Both are same age.
Both like the taste of pigs.
Both believe in the beast.

Wants to be Savage.
Loves to hunt.
Is the least focused on being rescued.
Hates Piggy.
Kids follow out of fear.
Human Nature
Savagery and the Beast
Jack leaves the Ralph's tribe, to fend for themselfs.
Jacks new tribe dances around the fire chanting. Kill the pig, slit her throat, spill the blood.
Roger kills Piggy with the boulder.
Jack's tribe steals piggy's glasses and the fire.
Ralph stabs at one of Jack's people.
Ralph uses conch to call assembly.
Ralph tells everyone they need to keep the fire going to be rescue.
When everyone helps build hut's to keep the elements of weather off of them.
Ralph punches the pig head off the stick.
Sam n Eric help Ralph by giving him food.
Spirituality and religion
Simon goes off into the forest to his spot to meditate.
Simon dies and spirituality and religion is gone.
Simon talks to the, "Lord of the Flies"
Simon tells everyone the beast isn't real but say it was him walking through the woods.
Simon tells Ralph that he will get off the island but says nothing about himself.
Weak and Strong
When Jack calls Piggy fat boy.
Jack leaves Ralph's tribe to fend for
Ralph stands up to Jack for interrupting him during an assembly
Ralph punches the pig head off the stick. Staying true to civilization.
Ralph and Piggy join the savage chant.
When everyone makes fun of Piggy's name.
Jack calls Piggy fat for no reason just to be a bully.
When Jack leaves and most of the kids follow.
Ralph and Piggy join in the savage chant.
When civilization hits all the boys and they're all in shock.
Author's Timeline
William Golding was born.
September 19th, 1911
William Golding started teaching English and Philosophy.
Published his first book.
He left his teaching job to join the Royal Navy.
William Golding published Lord of the Flies.
William Golding was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.
William Golding left the war and went back to his teaching job.
A new version of the Lord of the Flies was released bring more attention to the book.
June 19th, 1993
William Golding Died.
1. After seeing all the death in the war William Golding, thought about how human nature.
William Golding's death brought tons of views to his book, Lord of the Flies.
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