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Sydney, Australia

No description

Sarah Strachan

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Sydney, Australia

By Lucia, Sarah and Danicia Sydney, Australia Location Human/Environment
Interactions Movement Region Movement Place Humans have adapted to fishing life in Sydney since its on the coast of Australia. They have also adapted to the environmental and climatic conditions by settling in coastal areas and building their homes according to the conditions. The only people who have kept their traditions and old homes are the Aboriginals since there are so many in Sydney. 85% of households own one automobile,there are a total of over 2.1 million cars. their main transportation systems consists of an extensive network of freeways and motorways. Many modifications have been made to the land, for example Sydney used to be flat ground, flooded with Aboriginals and wild. Now in this day and age, travelers have brought European style clothing, more buildings and shopping malls and people are dependent on fishing and imports. Absolute:
33°51'25S 151°12'55E Relative:
33° 52min. South and 151° 12min. East, south of the Equator. Sydney, Australia is sunny 340 days a year. The average temperature during the summer months (December to February) is 26°. The animals indigenous to Sydney are Koalas, Kangaroos, bilby, blue long-tongued lizard, cassowary, crocodiles, wallaby and wombats and many more. Architecture in Sydney includes, the Sydney Opera House, Maritime Museum, football stadium, and many tall modern buildings.
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