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H.H. Holmes America's First serial killer

No description

tucker mcclaran

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of H.H. Holmes America's First serial killer

Early life
Holmes did not deliver Hedgepeth's share of the deal so Hedgepeth turned him in. However, The authorities did not catch Holmes in time. Afraid that Pitezel and his family would turn Holmes in, Holmes killed Pitezel, lied to his wife and ran off with three of her five children. Holmes later killed the children for the same reasons.
Holmes' crime scenes were organized, bodies hidden, weapons removed, ect. This suggests that Holmes had an above average IQ, and that he was socially competent. This is backed up with evidence from his active social life, his multiple marriages, and his ability to lure many unsuspecting women to their deaths.
Scale of Scary
Because of Holmes' antisocial personality disorder, he had no limits or rule that he would not break. Similarly his charismatic personality allowed him to become very close to his victims without their realizing their danger. Holmes' lack of remorse whilst killing and his lack of conscious surrounding law and order allow me to place him at a 4 on the Scale of Scary; however, since Holmes is deceased, his "scare factor" decreases one point placing him at level three on the scale of scary.
H.H. Holmes,
America's First Serial Killer

Herman Webster Mudgett was born on May 16th, 1861.
His family were devout Methodists, and his father was a violent alcoholic.
In primary school he was bullied by classmates, who allegedly forced him to see and touch a human corpse, after which her became fascinated with death.
Mudgett married Clara Lovering and they had a son
named Robert Lovering. Mudgett graduated medical
school and proceeded to travel around the country.
During this time Mudgett began calling himself H.H.
Holmes, and married several other women, whilst
still in a relationship with Clara
Holmes Arrived in Chicago in August of 1886. Upon arriving, he began work in a pharmacy which he later bought and turned into his murder "Castle". Holmes kept the geography of his castle a secret so only he had complete knowledge of what it contained.
The Castle contained three floors not including a basement. The first floor held the original drugstore and several shops. The second and third floors contained Holmes' personal offices and a maze of slanted hallways, and secret rooms Holmes used to commit his atrocious crimes.
Rooms included sound proof gas chambers, used to asphyxiate Holmes' victims, a sealed airtight vault used to suffocate them, and other types of maze rooms used to torture his victims.
The basement of the "hotel" contained two furnaces Holmes used to dispose of some remains, Lyme pits used for the same, surgical tables Holmes used to strip the skeletons and sell them to medical schools, and
a stretching rack for purposes of obvious torture.
Holmes targeted his female employees, female patrons of the hotel, his lovers, and his acquaintances. In almost all of the cases Holmes forced the victims to take life insurance policies out where he was the sole beneficiary.
Holmes sold the skeletons and organs of his victims with little difficulty aided by his connections in the medical field.
Holmes tried to fake his own death for the insurance money. When his did not work out, he convinced his friend Benjamin Pitezel to do so so they could split the profit. The two landed in prison for other fraud where they convinced an inmate by the name of Marion Hedgepeth to participate in the scam.
Soon after he was arrested and sentenced to death. Holmes was put to death by hanging on may 7th 1896, at 34 years old. Holmes admitted to killing over 20 people, but it is rumored that his death toll is well over 150.
Holmes' social competency suggests an ability to deal with an obvious personality disorder. Holmes' charismatic attitude suggests the same. Holmes' childhood was a stable one. His family came from affluence. His father was an alcohol addict suggesting a family history of addiction, and also a possible source of childhood trauma.
As a child Holmes was forced to view and interact with a skeleton. He describes the experience as a turning point in his life, saying "It was a wicked and dangerous thing to do to a child of tender years and health". After this incident Holmes began trapping and dissecting small animals, an early sign of antisocial personality disorder and sociopathy.
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