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Aztec Amusement Park Project

AP World History May 2013

Jonathan Eskew-Martin

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Aztec Amusement Park Project

The Age of Aztecan Adventures the amusement park Enjoy this fun for all-who-dare rollercoaster that takes you through 8 teeth clenching inversions included 2 corkscrews and 6 three hundred sixty degree flips. Don't miss out on this 90 mile per hour ride through the age of the aztecs. see the ancient ruins and don't forget to smile for your own photo opportunity. TVs are on display in the climate controlled tunnel leading up to the front of the line. This ride goes through 800 sacrifices per hour so fast passes are not available. Tenochca Chocolate factory Tenochca Chocolate Factory is a bar style restaurant that serves chocolate beverages, chocolate bars, and sells fresh cocoa beans to be taken home for souvenirs. Come in to enjoy Godiva chocolate for Hershey kiss prices. Pyramid of Death Tortillago Mealie Tortillago Menu A maiz (corn) mixture that is simmered overnight before being mixed with other vegetables and seafood to make a delicious soup. Tamales Tomales are composed of various vegetables along with meat. It can include Rabbit or any poultry. The mixture is wrapped in a corn husk and boiled. The process takes over a day to ensure perfection. The Aztecs developed the cacao seeds and mixed them with other seasonings to make a frothy drink that they called chocolatl. It became a major crop and was soon produced in bulk on plantations. Tortillago is a waterfront restaurant located on the outskirts of the park. Tortillago serves food based off of the diets of the early aztec people but with poultry and beef. The menu is included above. Aztec Empire Park Map Tortillago Tenochca Choclate factory Pyramid of Death Montazuma Rapids Quick Pick Cateferia The Quick Pick Cafeteria provides a buffet line filled with lots of fancy gourmet dishes for the whole family to enjoy. To-Go meals are also available for the customers who want to get right back to the action.
The Quick Pick Cafe offers state of the art technology to entertain guests while they eat. The Cafe also has offers a movie theater so they kids can play while the parents relax. Aztec Apparel Aztec Apparel Quick Pick Cafe Pop Stop Popcorn Shop Popcorn was not invented by the Aztecs but the popularized it. It was believed to be a white flower that when worn in a headdress was representation for respect to the god of maize and fertility. Stop by the Pop stop Popcorn Shop to pick up a tin of fresh gourmet popcorn of various flavors including: Brown sugar cinnamon, caramel, all-natural (Plain), buttery, and Barbecue (new for the 2013 season). Aztec Learning Center Pop Stop Aztec Learning Center Age of Aztec Adventures The Aztecs were the first empire to establish a mandatory education system. In the Aztec Learning Center parents and kids a like can come through 12 interactive exhibits to see how the people during the Aztec empire endured schooling. The Aztec Learning Center also offers a 3 story bookstore with books on all things Aztec. Feel and dress like an Aztec after you visit the Aztec Apparel Company. Aztec Apparel Co. sells authentic Aztecan clothing of various patterns and colors. Aztec Apparel Co. also sells souvenirs such as key chains, mugs, and other small accessories. Montezuma Rapids Take a drift down the Montezuma River on the Montezuma Rapids ride only here at the Age of Aztec Adventures. Each raft holds 8 passengers so the whole family can fit and the wait isn't too long. No fast passes are available for this ride. The rapids could get intense so make sure to hold on tight and scream for dear life in this venture down the river. The ride last for 6 minutes. While you wait in line you can enjoy televisions on display. This ride serves 1200 passengers per hour. Arcadia Arcadia is the parks on site arcade and game room. Arcadia offers a variety of games ranging from 25 cent to 1 dollar. If you want to take a break from the hot summer sun come chill inside the climate controlled arena and play some games. Games vary between sports games (basketball, bowling, archery), racing games, trivia, word games, and an indoor RC car track. Each ride offers tickets and at the end of the day tickets can be exchanged for prices or coupons towards your next visit. Arcadia Works Cited
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