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Human Centered Design and Candy Stand

This Prezi examines elements of human centered design and the website candystand.com

Scott Buffett

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Human Centered Design and Candy Stand

Candy Stand is a Website to play games for free Coherence (transparency) - rendering highly visible what is going on and what is possible (Cooley, 2000). Inclusive - The system should be inviting and tend to invite you in and make you feel part of a community of activities with which you are familiar and on familiar terms (Cooley, 2000). Purpose - The system is capable of responding to the purpose the user had in mind and encourage him or her to go beyond it (Cooley, 2000). Malleability - A possiblity to mold the situation to suit, to pick-and-mix and sculpt the environment to suit one's own instrumental needs, aethetic tastes, and craft traditons (Cooley, 2000). Ownership - A feeling that you created and thereby own parts of the system (Cooley, 2000).
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