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Finding the Letter N

Phonics Activity

Ayanna Brown

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Finding the Letter N

3. Brainstorm The students will start off with saying the names of their classmates that start with N. The students will have 10 minutes to brainstorm and get at least 20 words that start with the letter N. 2. Letter N The letter will be selected and posted on the whiteboard for the students to see. We will review the letter N and make the sound /n/. 1. Student Circle The students will gather in a circle to create this lesson plan. 4. Draw Letter N pictures The students will select two words off of the word list created with the letter N. The students will receive worksheets with the letter N and draw the words that they selected. 5. Selection of Best Work 6. Repeat for one week with other letters The students will do this activity with 5 other letters that are selected at the beginning of the morning routine by the students. There will be a basket that is placed on the first table in the morning. The student table that was chosen from the previous day will select the letter. Find Words with the Letter N Phonics The students will each select the drawing that they like the best. We will display the letter drawings in a classroom collage.
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