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Emily Pechous

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Volleyball

Referee Calls
4 referees on the court for each game
1 down ref
1 up ref
2 line judges
some places use flags
Terms and Lingo
Volleyball Court
One of the worlds most played sports
more than 800 million people on the planet play volleyball a week
Played by men, women, and children of all ages
Substitution Rules
maximum of 18 substitutions per set
can only be substituted out during a dead ball
must play the same position as the person you are being substituted in for
more than one player can be substituted at one time
does not count towards the maximum number of substitutions
must be at a height of about 7 feet
one on each sideline
used to keep the ball in bounds as it comes over the net
a ball served into the net is unplayable
if it touches but still goes over, it is in play
a player cannot reach over or under the net
if a ball goes into the net on the second hit, it is playable
Net Rules
-when a ball is served over the net to the other team and is only touched once or not at all "Ace, Ace in your face"

-when the team that served the ball makes a mistake, causing the ball to go to the other team
-when a player jumps above the net and blocks the ball down to the other side
-when a player on defense bumps the ball from any type of overhand hit (spike, serve, set)
-when a team spikes the ball to the other side and is only touched once or not at all

Get ready to bump, set, and spike.
William G. Morgan
teacher at YMCA at Holyoke, Massachusetts
tennis, baseball, basketball, and handball
raised a tennis net 6ft 6in
could have as many players as you wanted
9 innings per game with 3 outs per inning
no limit on the number of times you could hit the ball
each team can only have 6 players
object is to get the other team to not be able to send the ball back
3 hits to get the ball over the net
played to 25 points
have to win by 2
Free Zone-9 feet wide on all sides of the volleyball court
2 sidelines and 2 end lines
center line separates
the court in equal
halves, it's a part of
both sides of the court
attack line or 10 foot line where front row must stay in front of
service zone is behind the end line, where the players serve the ball
substitution zone
antenna attached to the net, rises above each sideline
Outside Hitter
A player that hits from either corners
Right handed hitters generally hit left-front
Left handed hitters hit right-front
Middle Hitter/Blocker
usually the tallest player
plays mostly middle front
can move to outside hitters to block
sets the ball after the first hit
if the second hit cannot be reached she yells "help"
if the setter hits the ball first she yells "setters out"
only plays back row
allowed to go in and out of the game as needed without having to make substitutions with the referee
bookkeepers keep track of the libero
they wear a different colored jersey so that referees are aware
Defensive Specialist
similar to libero
only plays back row
has to make substitutions
First Referee
stands on the referee stand
blows the whistle for serves
starts and ends the game
can overrule any other officials decision
Second Referee
responsible for keeping track of time
administrates the substitutions
talks to coaches and players
8 seconds to serve the ball
foot cannot go over the end line before ball is served
any part of the body cannot touch the net when the ball is in play
a blocker cannot try to block the ball before it comes over
Game Terms
-a game played to 25 and won by 2 that is played within a match
-a game won by winning 3 sets
a match can be played with 3, 4 or 5 sets
tournament matches are usually best out 3 sets

Full indoor system
2 poles
2 antennas
referee stand
protective pads
made of leather or synthetic leather
long sleeve
short sleeve
knee pads
officially included for the 1964 summer Olympics
played more like a round robin
ranked by wins, set average, and point average
winners could be determined before the games were over
split into two phases with the addition of a "final round" elimination tournament consisting of quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals matches in 1972
Men and Women's
First mens team to win gold-USSR
United States Women's National Volleyball team
coach-Karch Kiraly
3 time olympic gold medalist
won 4 olympic medals since 1984
3 silver
1 bronze
2012 Summer Olympics
silver medal
played Brazil for the final
won 3-1
US won set 1: 11-25
set 2: 25-17
set 3: 25-20
set 4: 25-17

#2 Danielle Scott-Arruda: 6ft 2in
#3 Tayyiba Haneef-Park: 6ft 7in
#4 Lindsey Berg (captain) 5 ft 8 in
#5 Tamari Miyashiro 5 ft 7 in
#6 Nicole Davis 5 ft 6 in
#10 Jordan Larson 6 ft 2 in
#11 Megan Hodge 6 ft 3 in
#13 Christa Harmotto 6 ft 2 in
#15 Logan Tom 6 ft 1 in
#16 Foluke Akinradewo 6ft 3 in
#17 Courtney Thompson 5 ft 7 in
#19 Destinee Hooker 6 ft 4 in

Destinee Hooker
Won the Best Spiker Award at the 2012 Summer Olympics
1st Referee
2nd Referee
Starts each point with a serve
Jump Serve
Over Hand Serve
Under Hand Serve
First womens team gold-Japan
Thank You :)
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