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No description

Nikki Akparewa

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Thinking

Thank You!
I am aware that I have significant choice in the subject matter and emotional content of
my thoughts.
I am conscious of the connection between certain thoughts and the subsequent bodily
changes (such as breathing pattern, muscle tension) in response to these thoughts.
I am aware of any recurring thoughts that occupy my mind and capture my attention
throughout the day.
I notice that my perceptions of the world are colored by my thoughts and attitudes at the
I am aware that my thoughts and emotions can impact my state of health through their
influence on my immune system.
Man is troubled not by events themselves but by the views he takes of them. --Epictetus, ~100 AD
I emphasize self- and life-affirming thoughts and attitudes in my daily life.
It is easy for me to pay attention, focus, and concentrate when I am required to do so.
Instead of worrying about a problem that I can do nothing about, I shelve it until I can
deal with it and get on with what's before me.
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