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Ideal School

No description

Allyson Lim

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Ideal School

What's So Special About Our School?
School Mission
To encourage learning motivated by interests and to allow students to experience the true meaning and joy of what education entails
School Vision
To nurture innovative students to be lifelong learners
Problems in Current Education System
too focused on academics
kills creativity
no balance between academics, rest and leisure
definition of success in our society is skewed
different ways of learning for different people is not acknowledged
Different Teaching Style
Special Interest Program (SIP)
Outdoor and hands-on activities
Experiential learning and exchange programs abroad for all our pupils
Home room system (students are able to choose the subjects that they are interested in)
Small class sizes of about 20 per special interest class
Maximum of 200 students per level
Curriculum Overview
Assessment Style
Authentic Assessments
Formative Assessments
Summative Assessments
Students will be graded on :
authentic assessment
project work - 28%
reflections from experiential learning / outdoor trips - 20%
performance during activities - 20%
oral participation - 5%
formative assessment
small quizzes - 2%
end-of-year summative assessment - 25%
Breakdown of 50 min lesson
2 min: Let students know what they will be doing for the lesson, to set a purpose for the lesson.
5 min: Brainstorm for the topic to check on their foundation and what they already know, and also to check for points that may be inaccurate, to amend them immediately.
15 min: Theory/clear up misconceptions, introduce the main concepts for the topic + link to real life examples (explain the relevance of topic to their future)
20 min: Hands on/experimenting/practice
8 min: Bring the lesson to closure, summarising the learning of the day.
Lossa Novateur High School
School Motto
innovative, prudence
50-minute long lessons, with 10-minute breaks in between
Field trips to encourage discovery learning
Incorporate more out-of-school learning in lower secondary than in upper secondary
Do not scold students for the mistakes they make, but to encourage them to make changes instead
To teach students to love learning
Spiral curriculum
Constructivist classroom aids learning

Cut-off point : 230
Interview to find out their passions and attitude,
as well as their potential

Special Interest Programme (SIP)
Acknowledge that different students have different intelligence
Allow students to expand their knowledge according to their interest
As a student's interest towards a subject grows, so will his passion for learning
Mold students into independent, lifelong learners
O Levels are ultimately the end point, hence there will be limited subjects
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