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Bath, NY Site Analysis

No description

Erica Rokenbrod

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Bath, NY Site Analysis

TEXTURES Site Analysis Bath, NY Mossy Bank (1) Lake Salubia (2) Cohoctan River (3) Topography Map TEMPERATURE

Summer - 80+ degrees

Winter - 20- degrees


High - 0.15 inches/day (June)

Low - 0.07 inches/day (January) Seasonal Temperatures And Rainfall Annual Averages

High - 11mph (January)

Low - 7.5mph (August)


West/Northwest Wind Speed And Direction WIND SPEED (1) (2) (3) Summer Equinox - 15 hrs/day Winter Equinox - 9 hrs/day 9 hrs. 12 hrs. 15 hrs. 12 hrs. Hours Of Daylight
Natural and
Physical Features Joe Smith
Nick Tario Location, Demographics, and History Neighborhood Context Significant Buildings Figure Ground Study Building materials
Two to three stories tall in the down town area
One to two family homes in the residential
Victorian, historic small town
Veteran's Memorial
Civil War Monument
Pulteney Park Architectural
Context First Presbyterian Church Saint Thomas
Episcopal Church Centenary United Methodist Church Baptist
Church Police Station Post Office Court
House Municipal Offices Elementary School Civil War Monument -Churches


Structures -Vacant business-fronts

-Bowling alley

-Waffle Truck

-Tourist Booth/ Vacant Elementary School buildings green spaces paving They're leaving here. To come here. Dylan Scott and Brandon Krebs Erica Rokenbrod and Aicha Aime-Marcelin SIGHTS SOUNDS SMELLS TASTES Conhocton River Lake Salubria Pulteney Park Liberty St Pub First Presbyterian
Church Tiffany Glass Church bells Wetlands and Floodplains Lake Salubria Conhocton River Puletney Park First Presbyterian Church Tiffany Glass "We have many local bands, but few play here".
-Sam & Madison TEXTURES Stone Facade Continuous brick facade Recessed coffered
ceiling Concrete sidewalk No Crosswalk West Morris St. Cameron St. West Morris St. Pine St. Circulation Transportation Public Transportation Pedestrian Existing Conditions Fair Grounds:
Gansevoort St. & Rumsey St.
Steuben County Fair
August 14-19
Demolition Derby
Truck Pulls Pulteney Park:
Farmers Market
Wed. & Sat.

Band Stand:
Local Bands
Winter Carolers Social Interaction & Recreation Most of the traffic through bath is mainly going to or from the Southern Tier Expressway.

Other streets are busy due to retail locations and Judicial buildings

This includes the streets
West Morris St.
Liberty St.
East Steuben St.
West Steuben St. Traffic patterns Sidewalks with buffer zones between the street and walkways:
West Washington St.
Liberty St.

Sidewalk issue/disrepair
Mainly West Morris St.
Keller Dr Under construction
Lacks Adequate Bike Paths Existing Street Conditions Street Parking:
Pulteney Square
Liberty Street
West & East Steuben
Parts of West Morris
West & East Washington Parking Conditions Bus Routes Bath Hammondsport Corning Construction on Keller St. West Washington West Steuben East Steuben West Morris Liberty Farmers Market Pulteney Park High Traffic Intersection Intersection at Pulteney Park Steuben County Fair Musical Performances Buffer From Street Crosswalk at Top's Market Sidewalk Corrosion Sidewalk Corrosion West Washington St. Busy Junction Alienates Library With no crosswalks Intersection At Pulteney Park First Presbyterian Church
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