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Freshwater Mussels

school project in making

Morgan Smith

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Freshwater Mussels

Freshwater Mussels
They breathe in water,

Their shells are there protector,

Threatend by others,

The current moves them away,

They leave their homes constantly.
Fun Facts!
Most Freshwater Mussels only live up to 3 to 5 years, but the Eastern Pearshell Mussel can live about 100 years old.
Freshwater Mussels live at the bottom of streams, rivers, and lakes.
Why are they disapering?
They are the most
group of animals in North America
Sediment is a solid material that consists of rocks and minerals.
I have learned alot about this animal while in the process of making this I hope you have learned alot too!
Food Chain
In the late 1800's and early 1900's the Freshwater Mussel shell was used to make buttons.
By: Morgan Smith
Freshwater Mussels
They only live in lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers.
Endangered is a species that has a low number of population
They are found across the entire U.S.
Most of the diversity of species live in the Mississippi and Ohio river also in the Southeast United States.
Chemicals from factories and garbage that is dumped into streams and lakes can harm or even kill Freshwater Mussels.
Muskingum water shed
You might think freashwater mussels are just a shell. But after this short presintation you might be shocked about how much there is to know about this animal.
Many Freshwater Mussels live in clay or muddy soils, while other Freshwater Mussels live in sand, gravel,
, or cobble.
Pollution is a very big reason why they are disapering because chemicals from factories and garbage that is being dumped into the water can harm or even kill Freshwater Mussels.
The Sun
What do they eat?
They eat decomposed or very small pieces of deadleaves called
and very small microorganisms like algae, bacteria, and viruses.
Detritus is the pieces that are leftbehind when something breaks, falls, or is destroyed
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